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I’ve been blogging here since July of 2014. With so much content available, I decided to mix some of the older posts with the newer ones to give you a true flavor of what this website is all about. The concept of “two cans on a string” makes me smile. I remember as a child trying that out — it wasn’t the best, but we had fun talking about the stuff that interested us at the moment. That’s what I’ve created here. I hope you enjoy it!! And . . .  Thanks for stopping by!

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August Plans
August Is A Magical Time . . . We're hopefully coming to the close of summer. I've had enough . . . My air conditioning went out twice and just yesterday the electric company gave the neighborhood a power outage to work on the power lines . . . Why is August and not...
Lazy Days Of Summer
This Summer Season Has Been Busy And Much Too Warm . . .Actually, it was downright HOT! Usually I don't mind it with air conditioning . . . but when it goes out, life can be quite uncomfortable and miserable. I did buy a new heating and air conditioning unit -- my...
Secret Enigma Puzzle Box
A Wooden Box Brain TeaserA wooden box with hidden compartments -- Oh this should truly be fun! This is a great gift idea. Perhaps you would like to purchase one for yourself. I think everyone would enjoy this wonderful Secret Enigma Puzzle Box. It seems to be great...
Healthy Homemade Vegan And Gluten-Free Maple Granola Recipe
I Love Granola With Those Yummy ClustersYou choose all the delicious ingredients. I'll make some suggestions and you decide what is best for you and your family. I hope you love the idea that this granola is naturally sweetened with maple syrup, but feel free to use a...

Creepy Stuff

Before I set up CryptKickers.com I had to put all of my ghost stories on this website. I do love a good ghost story, Halloween and “things that go bump in the night.”

How Weird Are You?

How Weird Are You?

Many of us have superstitions. But do they prevent us from doing as we please?There are the well-known superstitions...

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Hot Food Delivery Horror Stories
Getting food delivered is a wonderful thing -- But what about the one delivering the food . . . Do we know about the delivery person . . . And does the delivery person know anything about what they're going to find at the home of the delivery . . . It could be a...
Creepy Cemetery Stories
How much of what we associate with cemeteries is from our own imaginations -- fed via media, urban legends, folk lore . . . scary movies . . . Perhaps we do want to experience something creepy -- even scary . . . There's A Lot Of History One Can Learn From Visiting A...
Paranormal Glitches
I was talking with a friend who told me of a couple of experiences he had where everything was normal . . . and then everyone and everything was abandoned . . . Fortunately for him this was only a short time frame of confusion . . . not so in the story on the video ....

Haunted Museum

As I was taking my barrels out to the curb in front of my house earlier today, I could hear voices. None of my neighbors seemed to be out ... other barrels were out ... I couldn't understand why I was hearing talking. This got me thinking about Mike's real ghost story...

Haunted Ouija Board

I don't use a Ouija board or have one in my home. I believe they are a portal to trouble. There are many who agree with me and, of course, there are those who do not. It's fine to have your own beliefs. Just as we've all had our own experiences. And, since it is...

House Sitting

When I was in high school I made extra money house sitting or pet sitting. I liked this better than sitting with kids. The hours were more flexible. A friend of my parents sold real estate and would get these jobs for me from time to time. The money was good for the...
Creepy Night

Creepy Night

Had A Windy Day And A Cold Night The wind certainly made a mess of my front porch littered with...

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Hasbro Gaming Clue: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition

Hasbro Gaming Clue: Wizarding World Harry Potter Edition

A Harry Potter Edition Of Clue!!This is truly excellent for all the Harry Potter Fans -- combining a great game with your favorite characters!! There's no murder to solve, but there is a missing student you must find -- It kind of feels like a great game of Hide And...

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Thinking About “Clue”

Thinking About “Clue”

Retro Series Clue 1986 Edition Board GameWhen I was a kid, summertime meant getting all the neighborhood kids together in the afternoon to meet on the front porch with their favorite board game. I guess our front porch was the largest or the most centrally located for...

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