Harry’s Law Starring Kathy Bates

I Like CourtRoom Drama Series And Harry’s Law Delivers . . .

This series may have started with a bit of a wacky decision to build a law firm in a bad neighborhood out of a former shoe store . . . and continue selling shoes on the side . . . And practicing law — taking neighborhood cases . . .

I can honestly say I was quite sad when the second season finale aired . . . I didn’t want to see it end. This does happen to a lot of series and movies. We get caught up in it and want to see it continue . . . But things do play out . . .

I don’t have that much to say about Harry’s Law except that it was a good series that I personally enjoyed. 

It gave me perspective and I would hope others do as well. Things are not necessarily how they appear. We have more in common with one another than not. It’s just circumstances that divide us and that doesn’t make it right. That’s why series and movies are important — not to bash us into seeing things from a different perspective, but allowing us to.

I’m all for allowing others to get a fair shot at what they want to achieve. Sometimes life gives us unpleasant things. . . it’s what we do with it that does make a difference . . . This series shows us just that . . .

I Understand There Was A Third Season, But It Wasn’t Included With The Prime Video Selection With freevee ads . . . 

And I go with what is included at no extra charge. But, of course, we are all free to find a video of the season and purchase it — that is a choice you can make. Not one I’m going to recommend — it isn’t my place to do so . . .

I’m not going to say I enjoyed every episode in this two-season series. I’m not going to say I agreed with the viewpoint in some of the episodes. I am going to say it was entertaining, I did enjoy this series and I believe the writers were sensitive to some issues, As we all may need to be.

We have our beliefs and our priorities . . , they belong to us and should not necessarily be judged as right or wrong . . . It’s just how we are . . . But, I believe it is good to have an open mind and see if there could possibly be another point of view expressed and accepted . . . 

I’m not here to change anyone’s mind about anything. I’m just telling you about a series that I enjoyed watching and I believe you may enjoy it, too. You don’t have to agree with every episode. You don’t have to agree with the outcome. You can view it as I did as entertainment.

I hope you will give Harry’s Law a look to see if you would enjoy it.

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A Sort Of Homecoming

Coming Home Is A Great Thing . . .

And for Amy, it was taking a step into her past — high school debate team . . . To be honest with you, I wouldn’t want to revisit high school or college . . . But, at times to move forward, we need to take a look back. Perhaps to discover what brought us here and what is truly important.

I’m usually not a fan of movies with flashbacks, but without them, there would be no movie. And we wouldn’t understand why Amy sort of came home. And there would be no point of the movie . . . I’m not into spoilers, but maybe I do need to make an exception in this case.

I wasn’t on a debate team, but I had my share of debates in high school and college courses — something in the curriculum that required this activity across many subject areas. It allowed me to view issues from both sides and to dig deeper into the subject matter . . . Something I value now.

For This Review, I Had To Watch The Movie Again . . . I Did Get Lost At One Point . . .

Amy’s Former Debate Team Teacher Is Ill And Dying Without Family And Granted Amy Her Power Of Attorney To Get Her Affairs In Order

Amy’s life is in New York with her career and traveling, returning to Louisiana was not on her agenda, ever.

But there she was. In Louisiana. At her old debate team coach’s house thinking and reliving the debates she had in high school with Nick, her debate team partner.

I don’t want to give away any more of the story. It is heartwarming and heartbreaking. You get a better understanding of Amy and her situation which is obviously more than her high school years.


This is a good movie. I’m glad I watched it again. I got lost in a dream scene that caught me a bit off-guard. It is important to pay attention.

The ending surprised me. It seemed to work out. Some loose ends didn’t get addressed, but I suppose a movie rarely gives you all the answers and pieces falling into place.

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Delighted To Get Orders Within Hours Not Days

I Am Not The Most Patient Person . . .

I’m most delighted when I discovered overnight delivery on some items with my Prime Membership.

I don’t know about you, but I’m like a child when it comes to placing an order and wanting it immediately.

I love online shopping. It allows me to shop in the comfort of my home without having to get dressed and going out, fighting traffic, looking for parking, and walk through crowds of people . . . And, if an item is unavailable at one store going out to find it elsewhere.

I Don’t Want You To Do Anything That Doesn’t Seem Right For You

To be honest with you, when I first signed up for Amazon Prime I didn’t think I needed it. I wasn’t placing that many orders. I thought it was an expense I didn’t need.

As it turned out, I was ordering more and not having the added expense of shipping. I was able to send products to family and friends at no shipping cost to me. The benefits paid for my membership and I continued.

I’ve spoken with friends who also have Amazon Prime and I’ve discovered that they are ordering more items than they had previously because of the convenience. It does take time to decide what you want and to locate it and look at all the other related products . . . but we do that in the store when we’re shopping. At least by shopping online we’re comfortable and relaxed. We can take as long as we like to decide what to purchase.

The Best Part Of Shopping Online Is Putting Items In My Cart And Waiting To See If I Want To Go Ahead With The Purchase

Just Because It’s In Your Cart Doesn’t Mean You Have To Purchase It Right Away

It’s in your cart so you don’t have to look for it again. You can take your time checking out. There’s no time limit. Amazon never closes. 

The time you take to decide may alter delivery dates, but you never have to feel pressured. That’s the beauty of online shopping.

The first time I was offered the overnight deal — from 7 AM to 11 AM, I couldn’t believe it! I did want my item and knew no place locally had it, so I had to order it. This was almost like going out and getting it, but without going out and getting it — except it is on my front porch.

I do like the convenience. I do enjoy getting items in many cases faster than it took me to decide to order them. Like I said earlier, I’m not the most patient person.

One big bonus is Amazon Prime Video. I enjoy that as much as I enjoy shopping online. But, that’s me. Initially, I wasn’t into the movies or series . . . but I gave it a look and became hooked.

Now I don’t know how common this overnight delivery thing is in your area. I’m fortunate enough to have a place or several places close by that allows for this service. It’s so wonderful for me and if available in your area, I’m sure you’d enjoy it as well.

The Christmas House Is Now Playing On Prime Video

I’m watching a lot of Christmas Videos. Variety is the spice of life and I’m able to savor it with the wonderful selection offered.

I’ve found what works for me. I’m sure you know what is best for you and your family. I’m not into high-pressure sales. It is annoying and dishonest as far as I’m concerned. I’m just sharing my views.

I do love family-style movies. Movies you can watch with family and friends as well as movies that are about families. Especially when it comes to bringing families together for Christmas. And this one does deliver as far as I’m concerned.

Of course, everyone has their problems and concerns and they bring them with them — too bad we can’t just discard some baggage along the way, but the Christmas Season has a way of making things work out — maybe even better than anticipated.

The Christmas House is worthwhile. It had its highs and lows. I wouldn’t rate it high, but not too low — it’s an all-right movie.

If You Don’t Have Amazon Prime I Believe It Is Worthwhile To Check It Out 

Black Friday is coming!! Amazon always has great sales and discounts. Being a Prime member has a lot of benefits. It is well worth the annual fee. Of course, that is only my opinion. Ask your friends and family and see what they have to say about it — You may be surprised to learn that more people are Prime Members than you realized.

I’m in the mood to buy something and I am offered overnight delivery of that item. Wow! 

I’m in the mood to watch a movie or a series — I check out what is playing on Prime Video and immediately I have something to watch. And if I don’t happen to like it, I can stop it and make another selection.

Instant gratification is a wonderful thing — it usually rarely happens as quickly as we may like — but it is possible on many different levels.

I’m Prime and I’m delighted. My friends, family, and neighbors are Prime as well. It is amazing how far-reaching Amazon Prime is . . . So many people are truly reaping the benefits of their membership.

You decide what’s best for you. My job is just to let you know my excitement and what I’ve experienced. This overnight thing is excellent!

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Christmas Movies On Amazon Prime Video

Going Home For The Biggest Holiday Of The Year . . .

I’ve noticed Amazon Prime Video has been running Christmas movies since the summer. I don’t mind. It’s always nice to get a taste of the Christmas Spirit throughout the year.

Now, with Thanksgiving just around the corner and of course Christmas on its heels . . . we do need to get into the Christmas Spirit and begin our Christmas shopping and preparations . . . You can do that now, if you didn’t get started during the summer.

I am all for movies about people going home . . . and about authors . . . This movie has both and I did enjoy it. Some moments did make me cringe . . . Especially with the attitude of getting a story and not caring how it may affect others.

I suppose I can understand how important it is to get a best seller . . . But . . . at what cost . . . I can understand how someone can leave a hometown and make it in the big city and never look back. Perhaps even hold on to old hurts from their past . . .

This movie showed how our actions can affect others. It showed how the writer had a lot to learn about herself and those from her past . . . and perhaps future . . .

I’m not into spoilers, so I do encourage you to see Christmas On The Coast on Amazon Prime Video — or sign up for Amazon Prime.

I’ve Watched Quite A Few Christmas Movies Over The Past Few Days

I enjoyed all three of the above Christmas movies. Of the three, I’m torn between Christmas On The Coast and All Good Things . . . But Christmas Child was right in there, too. But I don’t want to disregard A Christmas In Vermont . . .

Of the four movies I’ve seen recently, I would have to say All Good Things was my favorite . . .

So much depends upon what you’re looking for in a movie. Mostly it is entertainment. Sometimes it is a message — maybe not consciously, but we’re looking for some sort of answer. 

A Christmas In Vermont is about a businesswoman who is sent to pretty much liquidate a struggling business. But, of course, once she gets there are meets the people and learns more about the business and the community . . . has a change of heart.

Christmas Child is about a man looking for his real family — he was adopted. It’s a good movie with some wonderful Christmas elements that are quite heartwarming.

All Good Things is about two girls who go to visit their grandparents on their horse ranch instead of their anticipated trip to Hawaii with friends.

But There Is Another Movie You Should See — It’s Not A Christmas Movie

Hidden Figures is about NASA and the need to get a man into space. And how important that was . . . and how ugly our society was towards women and African-American women in particular.

This is well worth watching to revisit history . . . 

I don’t want to be insensitive to anyone. I don’t get political. I just know as you know what is right and what is not. Things in the past, present, and hopefully not in our future . . . It all begins with being aware of the truth and where we stand.

I do hope you’ll watch one or more of these movies to get into the Christmas Spirit.

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What Can Be Said For Series?

I’ve Been Hooked On Several Series

It’s interesting how a series either grabs you right off or turns you off within the first few minutes. I suppose this is true for movies as well. It may depend on many factors, but the more important one is what we’re in the mood to watch and whether the storyline or the characters — or it could come down to whether the actors are ones we like or not.

Several months ago I started watching a series and wanted it to be over. There was another one I stopped watching. I do wonder if it was me or the series. I’m leaning toward it being a boring series or at least one that wasn’t right for me.

There are plenty of messages conveyed in movies. I believe series have more opportunities to express a greater variety of messages. And, I’ve read a lot of reviews that told me that people either enjoy the messages expressed or they were not wanting a message but were watching for entertainment.

It makes me wonder about my priorities. I do watch for entertainment. This is when we want to escape the issues of the day. We just want to relax and enjoy a movie or an episode of a series. And, of course, there are times when I am watching for a particular purpose — perhaps to learn something or gain a different perspective — even on an issue I’m wrestling. 


Life is complex and so are our interests in what we find entertaining. That’s why I like Amazon Prime Video. There is a selection. I can even choose something to view and a few minutes after viewing decide to watch something else and make another selection. There is no limit to the number of times I can do this. I do have times when nothing interests me.

Of Course, I Promote Joining Amazon Prime And In Particular Getting Into Amazon Prime Videos, But It Is All A Matter Of What Is Best For You And Your Family

I Just Finished Watching 6 Seasons Of Private Practice And Beginning A New Series With 4 Seasons Of Felicity

I may be crazy jumping into another series . . . but it was recommended and I wanted to follow through and see if it is something I may enjoy watching.

To be honest with you, I was surprised by how much I did enjoy Private Practice. I’m not into hospital dramas. I’m not into medicine and all that hospital stuff. But there was so much more that I enjoyed. And the medical stuff did not seem to get in the way. Seriously, this series addressed many issues. Some of the characters had strong opinions on some issues, but they didn’t seem preachy to me. There are always at least two points of view. I find it good and healthy to look at them. I, too, have my opinions. It’s interesting to see where I would fall into their discussion . . . and whether it changed my mind or if I found it more confusing or dependent upon the underlying conditions. 

I was amazed by the number of issues expressed in this series. They were nonjudgmental — some characters may have been very definite in their views, but they were there to provide medical care to their patients and their concern was for their patients to feel comfortable with whatever decisions needed to be made.

It was kind of sad to see the series end . . . but it did end and they did it well. I didn’t feel there were any loose ends . . . but . . . 

I would recommend you look at Private Practice and see for yourself if it is something you’d want to invest so many hours viewing. Of course, there are characters you like better than others . . . and as the series progresses may change your mind . . . It is a journey . . .

Now, for Felicity . . . I just turned to this series and don’t know if I’m going to continue watching. So far, so good. It is about a high school graduate off to college . . . We’ll see how this series unfolds.

It is a major milestone to decide on a course of study and to decide on the proper college — and moving away from home . . . perhaps not following the wishes of your family . . . Is this good and healthy . . . Or is a disaster ready to happen?

I do find it a bit relatable and may find this series quite enjoyable . . . depending where the writers take it . . . I’ll later review it if I find it worthwhile to do so . . .

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