Creepy Night

    Had A Windy Day And A Cold Night

    The wind certainly made a mess of my front porch littered with leaves. Raking them up will warm me up. 

    I sometimes wonder about watching spooky videos and how it affects my personal comfort. Was it really cold last night or was it the video I was watching that gave me a cold chill … It is always interesting to see what others will explore late at night or during the wee hours of the morning. 

    Consulting a Ouija Board is not something I would do … but I do find it interesting how people will make their own spirt boards to use at haunted locations … 

    Central Park Exploration


    I Didn’t Think Ahead To Get In On The 13 Days Before Halloween It’s Great Others Have

    I also have to congratulate those who are brave enough to go out to various haunted or just downright scary places and record their experiences for our enjoyment. I’m too chicken to do it … even walking around my own neighborhood … I’ve gotten creeped out by some of the Halloween decorations some of my neighbors have done … especially with their spooky lights … I can get creeped out …

    I do hope you enjoyed this video … Too often it is the real people who are more threatening than the ghostly realm … What do you think?

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    I Love The Fall/Autumn Weather

    We Get Teased Quite A Bit In The Fall With A Few Days Of Cooler Temperatures To Gradually Return To Hot Summer Temperatures … Hopefully This Time It Will Remain Cool

    The other night I noticed a neighbor across the street put up some spooky lights … There was a mixture of purple and orange lights that gave the front of their house a creepy spooky feeling. I did not venture out … I had no idea what may be lurking in the bushes …

    It is nice to see others are getting into the spirit of the season.


    I’ve Been Watching Videos About Hauntings … But Thought Some Halloween Personal Experiences Would Be Of More Interest

    I’ve always enjoyed Halloween … dressing up and going from door to door for candy … sometimes staying home and handing out candy … I’ve enjoyed ghost stories, but not the ones where people get hurt …

    It’s all right to get scared about an urban legend, as long as it doesn’t have to do with being hacked to death …I’m into the family friendly type of stories where everyone has a good fright or even a creepy feeling … perhaps with a lesson to be learned … 

    Enjoy the stories.



    Halloween Stories


    Ouija Board Stories

    Yes, We Know How Potentially Dangerous Ouija Boards Are Or Can Be … But That Doesn’t Stop Our Fascination With Them

    To the right there is a video presentation of stories individuals have experienced. I was amazed by the number of people have basements they use for this creepy endeavor … Just the thought of going down in a basement is enough to give me goosebumps … but that’s me and today’s video presentation is about Ouija Boards.

    No doubt you have your own stories about Ouija Board encounters. If you’d like, please tell us about them in the comments below. I love a good spooky story!

    Enjoy the video and as always I appreceiate that you’ve taken the time to stop on by.


    Scary Ouija Board Stories


    Creativity And Imagination

    I Love Antiques … But My Home Looks More Like Granny’s Attic Than A Tastefully Appointed Home

    There will definitely not be a home tour of my abode … I just don’t have the talent for this ,,, but I definitely admire those who can .

    I don’t know if I could handle a home that is organized and professionally decorated … It wouldn’t be me … I’m basically a kitchen junk drawer or an attic … type of person … It is somewhat embarrassing when I need to have repair people come in … but I’m an old woman … what the heck!

    I do, however, admire those who do have a knack for putting things together and creating a home that is both comfortable and interesting … Like the tour we’ll be taking in the video …

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    A Wonderfully Delightful And Delicious Blend To Make A Home



    It’s Always Fun To Learn Something New About Movies You Love

    It’s interesting how over time we remember things differently than they may have been in the film …

    That’s true in real life as well … Maybe this is why so very many people are taking pictures with their smart phones … just to keep a reference in case the need arises … 

    I found many of these facts to be quite interesting … I had forgotten it was a Tim Burton film … but who else could it have been …

    I like humor with my horror … but then again I’m not into too much horror with the gore and just plain yuck of some horror films … For me movies are to be entertaining … a bit of a scare is all right, but not to the degree of giving me nightmares …

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    BettleJuice Facts


    BettleJuice Does Have His Charm …

    Thinking about autumn and Halloween … this popular movie does come to mind …

    Along with others I may visit … 

    Everyone has their favorites … and there is always room to add at least one more …

    Seriously, what DVD collection would be complete witSharonhout the lovable and adorable BettleJuice.

    Share your comments below regarding this film or others you enjoy and feel are a must have in your DVD collection. 

    With Amazon Prime Videos, I’ve watched so very many different movies in all categories … I’m having a great time exploring different types of movies …Some have truly surprised me … And as with all movies, some you like and some you wonder why you’re wasting your time watching … but mostly I’ve enjoyed so very many/

    Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to pick up some DVDs .