My All Time Favorite Real Ghost Story

This is one of my favorites that my family loves to hear me tell year after year.

Two young women closed up the diner where they worked.

One of the women rode her bicycle to work, the other took the bus . . . but that cold snowy and windy night, Louise missed her bus because she went back to get the last piece of lemon meringue pie. Emma was locking the diner as Louise rush passed her balancing the piece of lemon meringue pie on a plate as she tried in vain to stop the bus.

“Oh what am I going to do?” Louise asked no one in particular.

“Come home with me and I’ll take you home in my car. The weatherman said it wasn’t going to snow tonight, so I thought I’d save some money by riding my bike.”

Louise agreed and was grateful. It was after midnight, cold and windy. And now it was snowing . . .

Emma lived about a mile and a half down a couple of long desolate country roads. With the wind and snow . . . and Louise balancing her plate of lemon meringue pie . . . they walked down the long dark country road huddled together for warmth. Emma had one hand guiding her bike and Louise had one hand balancing her plate . . . of lemon meringue pie.

Ahead of them, they saw an old van slowly turn off the row in the woods.

They watched as the man got out of the van, he stopped and starred right at them . . . then proceeded to the back of the van and to the other side. They could hear his footsteps as he walked a little way into the woods.

Without a word, the young women started walking a little bit faster. They were approaching a curve in the road. Emma motioned to Louise that they were going to turn . . . That was when the man came out of the woods, ran across the road chasing after them.

Louise ran ahead . . . holding onto her plate of lemon meringue pie . . . zig zagging down the dark deserted road.

Emma was having difficulty with her bicycle . . . she decided to pick it up, propped it on her shoulder and ran as fast as she could trying to catch up with Emma and keeping a distance from the man chasing them.

The man reached out to grab Emma’s hair . . . she turned around so quickly and knocked him down with her bike.

As Emma caught up with Louise, they ran across the road and walked in the shadows, trying to catch their breath.

They heard the roar of a motor . . . It was the van!!

The guy must have gone back to get it.

At the end of the road was an old oak tree which divided the road in a weird configuration — a road went to the left and another turned to the right and if you wanted to continue going straight ahead, you had to jog to the left and then to the right. It was dangerous during daylight hours. At night, even if you knew the road, you had to slow down . . . and the man in the van wasn’t slowing down . . .

Just a few feet in front of the old oak tree was a man dressed oddly for the time of year . . . and oddly for this century . . . he seemed dazed and was crying out for help . . .

The young women had already turned to the left and were a few feet from Emma’s front door when they heard the screeching of tires and a loud sickening thump and then a bang . . .

Inside, Emma ran for the telephone and called the police to report . . . a strange man crying for help . . . a man chasing them . . . what sounded like an accident . . .

Whatever Emma said, she got it all out and the police were on their way . . .

On the table, Louise set down her plate with the single piece of lemon meringue pie . . . it had been bounced around a bit, but it was still intact . . . 

Emma made coffee while she and Louise discussed what had happened . . .

“Did you see that man in the road?” Louise asked. “I think he was a ghost.”

Emma nodded on both counts — yes she saw the man and she, too, believed it was a ghost. “I think he saved our lives.”

When the police arrived, they learned about the man in the van — he was abducting women throughout the county.  A police officer confirmed their belief of seeing a ghost. Back in the early 1900’s there was an accident on the road — he and his family were badly injured. The man went to get help in the nearest town, but died from his injuries before arriving.

There had been reports of other sightings of a man walking on the road calling out for help.

As for the piece of lemon meringue pie . . . it was delicious!

I hope you enjoyed this Real Ghost Story and will tell it when family and friends gather— be sure to have a lemon meringue pie handy to share with your guests.

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Haunted Dolls

Dolls Creep Out A Lot Of People.

I’m sure many of you have Haunted Dolls … or know someone who does … Or have had some experiences where you know a doll moved or blinked its eyes or turned its head … 

Well … over at Heather’s Hauntings, she caught a doll moving on tape with witnesses!! There was no hanky panky going on … the doll did indeed move … Check it out for yourself!!

Heather’s Hauntings Haunted Dolls:


This Was Quite An Experience!!

I enjoy Heather’s Videos and those of The G Team Paranormal Investigations … They were so thrilled they caught the doll movement on tape!!

It is rare to capture such images without going through hours and hours of video … This was truly a special treat!!

Of course there will be scoffers … scoff away … There could be a logical explanation … or a paranormal one … It seemed to go along with the EVP of that particular doll wanting attention …

Crazy stuff happens around us all the time … Do we notice it? Do we miss it? I know I’ve missed a lot … but then I notice when something has been moved … but not actually seeing it move … 

I hope you liked this video from Heather’s Hauntings … Leave me a comment below about your haunted doll stories.

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It’s Never Too Early To Begin Planning For Halloween

And These Coffin Treat Boxes Are Great For Your Ghost Hunting Friends.

They’re not just for Halloween … but if that is your plan, it is best to begin early — you’ll need to make dozens and dozens of these.

I received a comment from a Grandmother who said her granddaughter would love these!! I agree!! She will probably want her grandmother to make up a lot of them so she can fill them with sweet treats and hand out to her friends … or depending upon her age, she and her friends can make their own …

My friend Ray O’Bannon over at Ravensblight has a whole selection of coffins from which to choose to make any spooky celebration special.

You may find some other items of interest you’d like to make from his Toy Shop — they’re all Haunted Paper Toys you can make. Just print them on your printer using cardstock, follow Ray O’Bannon’s instructions with illustrations and you’ll have some great haunted items to display at your Halloween Party or decorate your house or buffet table …

Just click the images on the page and you’ll be taken to the Ravensblight website to select which of the coffins you’d like to print out.

Here are the links if you’re a bit impatient:

This will give you quite a lovely selection of boxes to have around to decorate your home … or to hide some special sweet treats. I do like them all and have used those with a more square shape for other occasions when I needed an interesting treat box. A footlocker type of box is excellent for kids going to camp or college students going off to school … And, of course, all the ghost hunters who love spending time in cemeteries …

I’m a great fan of the haunted houses. Ray has quite a selection of these and even a grave yard … You can have some fun making a lot of his paper toys. I thought I saw a new one … The Gothic Chapel. It even has a hidden chamber …

I do need to check it out … and you can, too. Click Here.

Sorry … I got a bit distracted. This always happens when I take a stroll on over to RavensBlight and look around. It definitely feeds my imagination and reminds me of Real Ghost Stories I’ve heard and collected over the years … Let me see if I have one that will go along with coffins, grave yards … and a Gothic Chapel … That definitely seems like a tall order … 

It seems that just about every place is haunted or has a haunted history … or ghost hunters or urban explorers spook themselves when they go out exploring and doing their 3 o’clock in the morning challenges. I know I can get a bit creeped out just walking around my backyard during the wee hours of the morning — I sometimes hear strange sounds I can’t identify and wonder if they’re paranormal in nature …

Here are two videos One by Patty of the G Team and the other by Stacy of Misguided Road Trips on a very scary adventure they had at The Shadow Cemetery out in the woods — far away from anywhere …

Patty of The G Team Paranormal Video:


Stacy’s Video That Same Night …


Oh My Goodness!!

Cemeteries are definitely a bit creepy day or night, but for Patty and Stacy to go out there … what were they thinking??!!

They had experienced shadow figures before. Could it have been a bear … or a person … or a ghost ?

It is good we have so very many ghost hunters who go out to known haunted places to capture video evidence of the paranormal. To prove that there is another realm that enteracts with us … All is fine when these “spirits” are friendly and mean no harm … I honestly can’t say that what both women experienced was harmless … 

Grabbing Stacy’s shirt and pulling her back … draining her of her energy … 

Knocking Patty down … that was scary!!

They were leaving … They meant no harm … I’ve heard that shadow people are mean and they will physically attack. I’ve been very fortunate that the shadow people I’ve seen out of the corner of my eye are scampering away … 

It does make you wonder what is going on …

I hope you enjoyed this post. It did go a bit all over the place … I do like to give you a bit of variety 🙂

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Spring Break Horse And Buggy Ride

I don’t know what has been going on lately … but have you been experiencing more paranormal activity … Things going “bump” in the night?

Or sounds that have you jumping out of your skin … or feeling a bit anxious?

With some of the sounds I’ve been hearing I’m not sure if they are inside or outside the house. At first I thought there were car doors slamming … then I wasn’t sure. I usually don’t look out — That’s right, I’m afraid what I might see …

It does seem that many ghost hunters are experiencing more activity — sometimes needing to run out of places they’re exploring … Then going back … All I can say is that something different is going on …

I’ve been enjoying spring break and a buggy ride … and meeting some people …

I enjoy the old part of town.

There are modern shops, but there is evidence of the old depot and some of the old shops. I especially like the trees that grow in the parkway casting shadows along the walkway.  Listening to the wind blow through the trees gives an eerie sound that feed the imagination.

I have heard the clip-clop of horse hoofs and I have seen phantom horse drawn buggies among the modern traffic on the street from time to time.

Last week, I noticed a horse drawn wagon going through town. Spring Break comes at different times for the public schools and the private schools and the different colleges in the area. I don’t know if someone hired them or they were just out to see if there was an interest in a wagon ride. It’s nice when you have out-of-town guests visiting to treat them to a horse drawn wagon ride. It’s something they enjoy and will tell their friends and family back home.

I especially like it when there is a mix of people, young and old. On this particular day it seemed to be an impromptu group selected by the young man at the reins.

“Do you want a ride?” he called out.

Several people climbed on and my cousin and I decided to join them.

One man asked, “Do you do Haunted Hay Rides?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact we do. There is a favorite place we go that always gives everyone a scare. Do you want to go?”

Everyone seemed to be in agreement. We were headed toward the old movie theater. I had heard stories about how popular it was during the days of silent pictures and continued with the talkies. Today there are larger ones that have replaced it, but it is still used for private showings.

Since it was daylight, no one expected to see anything spooky, but our driver said it would give us a scare. I wondered what he had planned.  This may not have been as impromptu as I originally imagined.

One young woman spoke how at one time there was an element that would come to town (of course from Los Angeles). One of the projection rooms was used for gambling. One game got a bit out of hand and there was gun fire, but the movie watchers didn’t notice because the shots seemed to correspond to the gun shots of the western that was playing.

We were told to squint just a little and look at the front of the theater. I thought I saw a man in a suit with a hat — he looked like a private eye of days gone by. Others saw people coming out of the theater eating popcorn. One man pointed to the roof. He said there was a man up there smoking a cigar. It seemed strange, but several of us smelled cigar smoke. Power of suggestion or there was someone real or in spirit form smoking a cigar.

Not too far from the theater was the old hospital that many claim to be haunted. One woman spoke about the stories her grandmother told of the old haunted hospital. One man on the ride told about when he was a kid, he and some friends went out there one night and they heard screaming coming from the building. The woman confirmed that the third floor was for patients who received electroshock therapy. Even when the third floor was shut down, many of the nurses heard crying and screaming coming from the third floor.

I felt a sudden chill and others in the wagon remarked how they, too, felt cold. Neither my cousin nor I heard any screaming, crying or distress.

We just about jumped out of our skin when the driver’s cell phone started playing music. We were on our way back to the old part of town, our ride was coming to an end.

Many of us went to a restaurant to continue talking and telling stories. I’m always interested in the experiences of others or urban legends from other places.

Leo’s Story

Leo is from Vermont and is visiting his daughter and son-in-law. When he was a child, his mother took him shopping for school clothes. She was always looking for bargains and the basement seemed to have all the discounted clothes. They were going down in the basement when he began to feel ill. Before they got to the last step, he heard a man shout, “Run! Get Out!”

His mother started running up the stairs leaving him behind. He shouted, “Wait for me! Don’t leave me!”

She kept running right up the stairs and out of the store. Leo caught up to her at the bus stop. The look on his mother’s face told him not to say anything.

Days later, his grandmother came with bags of school clothes for him. His mother refused to go in that store again or any store for that matter. She was afraid from that moment to leave the house.

His grandmother tried to find out what happened that day, but his mother wouldn’t talk about it. Leo told her that he wasn’t feeling well as they were going down in the basement. He heard a man yelling to run and get out. His mother ran, forgetting all about him.

This remained a mystery until a few years ago when there was an article in the newspaper about it being the 100th year anniversary that a man committed suicide in the basement of that store. His mother must have heard what he heard and perhaps saw the ghost of the dead man, which he hadn’t seen.

That was a bit creepy for a Real Ghost Story. I hope you enjoyed it!!

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Crazy Ritual Urban Legend Gone Wrong

There Are All Kinds Of Urban Legends As Well As Scary Rituals People Perform …

Below I have two videos of the LaLlorona Legend. They were both taken the same night, but with different perspectives.

It is quite a sad legend of a woman who was married to a wealthy man and they had twins, a boy and a girl. When the wife/mother found that her husband had been unfaithful she did the unthinkable — she drowned her children … Now she is cursed for eternity searching for them …

There is another part of the legend that I don’t know is actually true (You know how urban legends seem to be expanded over the years). It is said that LaLlorona searches for children. When she finds one that is not her own … she eats it … Mothers tell their children of this legend to keep them safe whenever they are near lakes.

Another creepy thing is when you hear a woman scream, run for your life!!

Video Searching For La Llorona:


Same Night, Different Perspective:


It’s Always Good To Be Able To See Ghost Hunters In Action.

I don’t believe it is wise to summon urban legends or to perform a ritual when you’re not completely sure what you’re doing. But we all get caught up in doing something different — usually with the best of intentions.

It seems Ghost Hunting is dangerous enough — we usually don’t know what we’ll find … or what will find us …

In the videos above there were sounds and paranormal activity — perhaps some things could be explained, but then there were others … Perhaps being scared out in the woods and maybe even lost was a bit of an issue. I just know that I wouldn’t want to be out in the woods during the wee morning hours. But … if you live for adventure and getting scared silly … By all means do what makes you happy.

Thanks for stopping by. This was a bit different kind of Real Ghost Story. I thought it was worthwhile to share. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below.