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    I Love Antiques … But My Home Looks More Like Granny’s Attic Than A Tastefully Appointed Home

    There will definitely not be a home tour of my abode … I just don’t have the talent for this ,,, but I definitely admire those who can .

    I don’t know if I could handle a home that is organized and professionally decorated … It wouldn’t be me … I’m basically a kitchen junk drawer or an attic … type of person … It is somewhat embarrassing when I need to have repair people come in … but I’m an old woman … what the heck!

    I do, however, admire those who do have a knack for putting things together and creating a home that is both comfortable and interesting … Like the tour we’ll be taking in the video …

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    A Wonderfully Delightful And Delicious Blend To Make A Home



    It’s Always Fun To Learn Something New About Movies You Love

    It’s interesting how over time we remember things differently than they may have been in the film …

    That’s true in real life as well … Maybe this is why so very many people are taking pictures with their smart phones … just to keep a reference in case the need arises … 

    I found many of these facts to be quite interesting … I had forgotten it was a Tim Burton film … but who else could it have been …

    I like humor with my horror … but then again I’m not into too much horror with the gore and just plain yuck of some horror films … For me movies are to be entertaining … a bit of a scare is all right, but not to the degree of giving me nightmares …

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    BettleJuice Facts


    BettleJuice Does Have His Charm …

    Thinking about autumn and Halloween … this popular movie does come to mind …

    Along with others I may visit … 

    Everyone has their favorites … and there is always room to add at least one more …

    Seriously, what DVD collection would be complete witSharonhout the lovable and adorable BettleJuice.

    Share your comments below regarding this film or others you enjoy and feel are a must have in your DVD collection. 

    With Amazon Prime Videos, I’ve watched so very many different movies in all categories … I’m having a great time exploring different types of movies …Some have truly surprised me … And as with all movies, some you like and some you wonder why you’re wasting your time watching … but mostly I’ve enjoyed so very many/

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    72 Inch Jack Skellington

    This Dapper Pumpkin King Is Poseable … He Doesn’t Talk, But He Is A Great Listener

    My goodness … This Jack Skellington could celebrate a movie night with you … He can keep you and your family company at breakfast, lunch and dinner … 

    He could be a lot of fun to have around … decorate indoors and out on your porch … He will definitely be noticed!

    Click the image to the right and see how he will add to your upcoming holiday celebrations … 

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    Besti Halloween Witches

    I Love Witches!!

    These ceramic cuties truly captured my heart.

    I could go on and on with a description, but you can read that for yourself when you click the image to the right.

    These adorable witches will enchant any Halloween desplay you decide to have this year … As for me, they will be desplayed throughout the year!

    They would fit quite nicely on book shelves or desktops … mantles, end tables … even on an entry table to welcome guests in your home …

    They can be desplayed together or separately … They or one can keep you company while you’re in the kitchen preparing a lovely meal for your family …

    They would bring happiness in your home or office workspace … They do make me smile … I plan on buying several sets of these … for various places around my house and for friends and family who will admire them.

    I recommend these fun Besti Halloween Witches!

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    Let’s Think Halloween Decor

    I Love Halloween And The Fall Season

    Many of you may not agree … That’s fine … But for those of you who want to kickstart your Halloween decorating … I have this delightful pumpkin train with ghosts and other wonderful Halloween spooks …

    I love pumpkins … and the color orange … I also love trains … This really rocked my world of holiday decor … How about you?

    The Pumpkin Express Resin Figurine Is A Wonderful Addition To Your Halloween Decor

    I begin my Fall decoration planning early because I also like adding craft projects to my bought decorations … It’s always excellent to add a personal touch as well …On this webside you’ll find lots of recipe ideas and craft projects … I’ll be revisiting them to keep things current …

    Be sure to upgrade your cell phone so you’ll have current pictures of your family and holiday projects.

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