Alaska Moose

The moose population in Alaska is doing quite well.

Since my brother moved to Alaska I get regular weather and moose updates.alaskamoose9-19-16

It seems my brother’s house is a favorite place for the moose to come and graze. His neighbor took some pictures last month and shared them with me, so I thought I’d share them here.

They seem to have their favorite grazing spots . . . and it looks like they decided to stay for awhile. They don’t seem at all bashful . . . To be honest with you, I wouldn’t like to open my front door and be greeted by this trio.

alaskamoose9-19-16-2I would imagine, if they could, they’d go right on in. Last year my brother found some smudges on his window where a moose was looking in . . . the young ones seem quite inquisitive.

There’s no snow yet, but it was a rainy summer and fall in my brother’s neighborhood. Hummmm, I’m wondering if these youngsters are thinking of trick-or-treating . . . That last one seems headed for the front door . . .

They are interesting critters . . . My brother had one big moose that was in the yard earlier this summer . . . and took it in his/her head to attack the gizmo where they put the paper . . . Maybe it was just scratching it’s head . . . It did a bit of a number on the contraption, but it’s still intact and holds the newspaper just fine.

Oops!! The neighbor was spotted taking pictures . . . are they posing for the camera?alaskamoose9-19-16-3

Two seem to be alert, while one is busy eating . . . maybe it did find some good treats.

I’m not well versed in the goings-on with the moose population and their migration patterns, but I do know the residence in my brother’s neighborhood do like seeing the moose come around with their young. Such moose sightings are a cause of delightful celebration by bring out the Iphone to snap some pictures.

I am quite grateful for the quick thinking and generous nature of my brother’s neighbor in taking the time from her busy schedule to capture these pictures and share them with me.

I do enjoy seeing nature . . . not necessarily up close and personal . . . but I guess in order to get the good pictures, you have to be right out there.

DSCN0014_edited-1For now, I’ll be content by taking pictures of my beautiful Yorkshire Terrier and her toy moose.

Yes, I know the vase of flowers behind her appears to be growing out of her head . . . I assure you, ears are the only things protruding from her noggin. She does look a bit worried . . . I think she was just tired of posing for pictures. She should be happy I removed the bow from her top-knot.

Well, be it Alaska Moose or spoiled California Yorkshire Terriers . . . all is well this fine fall Southern California day. It’s now 61° F and will reach a high of 81° F. Tomorrow’s forecast is 76° F with it getting a bit warmer as the week progresses. I am looking forward to fall . . . but summer wants to hang on a bit longer.

Again, I’d like to thank my brother’s neighbors in Alaska for sharing their moose pictures with me . . . so I could share them here with you.

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Alaska Moose

Hungry Visitors Courtesy of G.F.Harvey



My apologies if you were looking for a recipe. I think this is so very much better — a real live Alaskan Mama Moose that took a little stroll and ended up in my brother’s yard with her family. They were hungry and decided to graze before moving onward to explore other munchables.

My brother, Gary, would have liked them to stay and to bring some friends to clear away the debris for him. He may have a rude awakening when he begins planting his garden come spring. I’ll keep you informed how delighted he’ll be when they return or something else shows up to munch on his vegetable garden.

Nature is always wonderful to watch in the privacy of your own home . . . and when they feast on something you don’t plan to feast upon. 

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