The Letter Writer DVD Review

I watched a DVD the other day that I found interesting enough to review here.

It stars Aley Underwood and Bernie Diamond. The DVD was released in 2012. It’s not a new movie, but it’s not all that old . . . I’ve found movies with an inspirational message are actually timeless.

This is a heart-warming movie about a man who writes letters to complete strangers. He has quite a natural gift of expressing his thoughts to uplift others. He randomly selects names out of the telephone book . . . and writes one letter daily and also writes 10 inspirational notes he hands out daily, all for the purpose of uplifting the spirits of others.

He uses a pen name, Sam Worthington. This is an older gentleman living in a nursing home, who writes anonymous letters full of praise and encouragement. When Maggy Fuller, a rebellious teenager, receives her anonymous letter from the elusive Sam Worthington, she has to find him — to meet him.

This is truly an inspirational story that the whole family will enjoy. I highly recommend it.

This reminds me of the concept of “paying it forward” — doing good deeds for others.

It truly is positive to use your gifts in a positive manner . . . His reward was giving his best . . . and receiving a “thank you” . . .

I don’t really want to spoil the movie . . . but Sam Worthington did help young, rebellious Maggie Fuller — who was actually a good young woman with a heart of gold . . . except when it came to her mother . . . but those are the teenage years . . .

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