Bunny Pancakes For Easter Sunday

It’s Good To Have Some Fun With Your Easter Sunday Breakfast

Pancakes seem to be the best place to begin when creating a holiday breakfast . . . or brunch.BunnyPancakes

The batter works well when making the various shapes . . . like the ears . . . and using large and small ovals for the head, body and feet. Then the fun begins with adding fruit and whipped cream for the tail.

I’m sure you can create some ideas of your own. The image is only the beginning.

You can stack your pancakes the other way and decorate the face rather than the tail . . . or just do the face and add cheese and fruit . . . The possibilities are absolutely endless.

The trick is to find food your children like . . . and make it fun.

And, older children and adults may get into the spirit and enjoy the fun creative breakfasts from their childhood. It’s quite nice to relive your childhood . . . for the moment. We all need a bit of merriment during the various holidays to bring joy into our lives.

Let’s put some fun into our daily celebrations . . . not just for special holidays . . . celebrate spring with flower pancakes or use hearts regularly to let your family know how much you love them. We probably don’t tell them enough . . . or we need to show it rather tell them.

I hope this gave you some ideas for your own Easter Breakfast . . . whether with family or alone . . . you can make every day special.

Until next time,