Onitama Board Game

    Once I get started reviewing board and card games, I just can’t stop myself.

    Here we have Onitama Board Game by Arcane Wonders.

    I noticed when I was reviewing Schotten Totten, that this game was approved by Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower. So I did have to take a look and see if it appealed to me.

    This is a simple 2 player game for ages 14 years and up. It is an intense strategy game.

    Let’s take a look at this video:

    What do you think? Would this be a purchase for you?

    I like how simple the game is. You capture your opponent’s master while your opponent is trying to capture your master. There are essentially 5 cards in play during the game and you need to think your moves through very carefully while your opponent is doing the same.

    I could get into this game.

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