sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s 26-Inch Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

Riding a bike is great exercise . . . and fun!

This sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle is made for comfort . . . and I’m all about comfort when it comes to riding a bike.

I like making short trips to the store for a few items. Maybe to meet friends for coffee . . . and just to get out and take some pictures.

I like being able to have a comfortable seat and the handlebars where I can sit up and not hunched over. It may not be stylish like for racing, but I’m not racing . . . I’m going for an enjoyable ride around town and picking up a few items or going out to take pictures.

I get some exercise and have an enjoyable ride. I have a rack if I purchase something. I can also carry my camera, a sandwich and water. Yes, I can wear a backpack, but sometimes I like the freedom of not having anything strapped to me.

I’m all for comfort and this bike delivers!!

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