Mother’s Day Card Idea

Something you make is much more meaningful than anything you could buy.

That may be an exaggeration, but it’s about being sentimental. Sure the cards you buy are special, but something you make is definitely from your heart.MothersDayCard

Moms and Grandmoms are always fixing up good things to eat. Or they found a great deli and bakery.

I think a day out with Mom during the week of Mother’s Day would be a wonderful way to spend quality time with your mother. I know Mother’s Day is special for many and you have everything planned out . . . but for others it seems to be just something one has to do.

It can be a bit awkward. It can be very special.

I think making a mini-album for Mom would be another way of expressing the love you have for your mother. It can show pictures going way back.

I remember finding old pictures of my mom and making them into an album was truly the highlight of her Mother’s Day. It was a gift she couldn’t stop looking at . . . she kept it close by throughout the year.

Being a mother is special . . . and remembering . . . and being told . . . and shown through pictures of how special she is . . . is truly priceless.

Just something to think about.

Flowers and candy are nice, but they’re flowers and candy . . . give something from your heart.


Spring Cottage

This is a delightful image for a card or to make a 3-D house.

It all begins with the concept.SpringCottage

Then you can use clip art or stamps you colored or make 3-D flowers . . .

You can find plenty of templates and free printables for whatever project you decide to create. YouTube is also very helpful.

I find I enjoy learning from the free paper crafts available on-line. But the idea of creating something of my own is what I truly want to do. I found the image on the right to be quite inspiring. I wanted to make this concept my own.

I’ve watched a lot of how to videos and have been amazed by the confidence people have when building their own templates. Then continuing on to make it original and exciting.

I’m sure these people have gone through a lot of trial and error before they got the concept down. Some use die cuts or punches to give them some help . . . while others don’t care how long it takes, they want to master the concept.

But you can do it yourself. You may need to fold a paper in half to get the angles right on the cottage and for the roof, then you decide whether you want to use the image for a card or a 3-D free standing model.

Once you get started there is no telling how far you’ll go with your project.

This works well with scrapbooks. Building up a scene to go along with the pictures of your family and friends . . . on vacation.

You can also write about it and include that in your card, mini-album or scrapbook page. There is always a story to tell.

A picture or sculpture would remind my father of a place he visited when he was a boy . . . he knew the details of the place and the people . . . even a song someone made up when his brother was stung by a bee.

Pictures are magical . . . you never know what creative things you can make . . .

Here are some helpful links:

I always get a bit carried away. This will get you started creating some great cards and paper craft projects.

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