A Beautiful Rainy Day

Winds Gusted Through My YardRainyDay

I was hearing bumps and bangs.

I knew it was my new neighbors next door. I listened as the sound moved around to the front of the house.

It sounded like footsteps, but more of a dragging . . .

Before my imagination could switch into high gear, I heard the first drops of rain on the roof.

The wind is still blowing, but I’m no longer concerned . . . it’s no two legged culprit out running amuck in my yard.

I Do Love Rainy Days

It’s my excuse to stay home.

But I do have groceries to buy . . .

I guess they can wait. Check out the pantry and freezer.

There’s a big boom of thunder. I jumped. Then the roar and rumble that seemed to go on and on . . . and the major flash of lightning . . . more thunder . . .

I shut down my laptop. I didn’t want to be involved with any electrical phenomenon.

The weather has calmed down considerably and we have some clouds, but mostly sunny.

As much as I love the rain and cooler temperatures, I do play it safe when there are electrical storms. I do love the sound of the rain and the rumbling of the thunder, but the lightning makes me a little nervous and I allow Mother Nature to do her thing and I’ll stay off line.]

It’s a good time to dig into a good book. There are plenty for all ages. And maybe doing a jigsaw puzzle will pass the time nicely and allows for conversation.

Of course I have a selection of good books and jigsaw puzzles for your family enjoyment. Reading aloud a favorite story is always fun. It may be interesting to have a jigsaw puzzle out, too. That way you can take turns reading and working on the puzzle.

Here are some great before Christmas rainy day stories and jigsaw puzzles for your family enjoyment:

These are in Kindle format so be sure to click hardcover or paperback if you want a printed book.

Now, for the jigsaw puzzles:

Some of these puzzles won’t be available until closer to Christmas. But there are plenty that are available now you can select. These are only my suggestions.

I don’t mind if my order comes after Christmas. It’s a way of keeping the season going a bit longer. And they’ll be available for next Christmas. These aren’t gifts. They’re to have around for my family and friends to enjoy while they’re visiting. And for rainy days in winter . . . and any time of year, actually.

This may seem strange, but sometimes during a hot summer day I like bringing out a jigsaw puzzle of snow and cold weather — even a Christmas theme . . . or Halloween . . . or any holiday for that matter. I don’t need to go along with the season. It’s all in the fun of reading a story or doing a jigsaw puzzle.

I have a friend who always does Christmas in July. She can’t wait to throw a party . . . she puts up a tree and we bring gifts and have a great feast with Christmas goodies. It’s fun and gives us two Christmas celebrations.

It’s always fun to create your own traditions.

Have a Very Merry Christmas!!