Do You Believe In Time Travel?

I’m at the point where I believe just about anything is possible.

Have you heard about The Butterfly Effect?brbutterflyeffect

I think this may go along with time travel . . . but, then, it may be applied to other things as well.

Basically, it’s about making one little change . . . and there could be major consequences.

There are at least 3 films that address this theory . . . I’ve seen the first one and the third . . . don’t know how I missed the second . . . but since I already saw the third I don’t think the second one matters at this point.

Well, getting back to Time Travel . . . would you want to travel back in time?

In theory I think I would, but getting in some contraption or wiring up myself to do it . . . I don’t know.

Then there’s the issue of explaining who you are . . . especially if you want to meet grandparents or even parents who passed before you were born or were too young to know them.

Would this “meeting” alter time when you return?

I would image that would be enough of a change . . . and how would I get to sit down and talk with them . . . would they tell me about themselves . . . I’m a total stranger? Could I spend several days there? Where would I stay? How would I be able to make contact?

And, more importantly, what would be the consequence(s), if any? And how would I fit into those changes?

It is a fascinating concept . . . but, if we could all do it. there would definitely be chaos . . . Possibly not intentionally . . . and perhaps intentionally . . .

I’m sure we’ve all wondered from time to time what it would be like, if only we did something else . . . it could involve a job, a date, or attending some event rather than doing something else.

I’m not complaining about my life, but I may have wanted to know other family members better . . . The problem is that we live life forwards . . . but we understand it backwards . . . So I do see missed opportunities . . . and things I’ve done that now seem foolish . . . I can say that’s part of growing up and the value of learning from our mistakes . . . But, what if?

That’s always the issue and what authors write about all the time in novels and for the silver screen.

I’m of the belief, until I receive more information, that time travel for me is not an option. Yet, I’ll continue wondering and thinking “what if?”

I hope this got you thinking about time travel and the butterfly effect. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Thanks for stopping by!!