Halloween Kickoff Weekend

Halloween is a fun event for young and old alike.

I just needed to add my favorite YouTube video of Monster Mash!

It was quite a sensation when it came out in 1962. And I still love it and will share it here every year . . . Your guests may enjoy dancing to this catchy tune at your Halloween Party . . . and it’s all right for kids, too.

The fun thing is that it is still popular after all these years . . . I’m surprised there haven’t been more fun Halloween hits . . . Sure, in movies . . . but in music?

I remember buying one of those creepy Halloween sound CDs . . . it was creepy all right . . . At first I thought it was kind of goofy with the rattling chains . . . the blowing wind . . . the screams . . . and then after awhile, it did get my imagination going . . . and I had to turn it off . . . It started to scare me!! Come to think of it, I haven’t played it since . . . I may need to dig it out . . . Where did I put it?

However you plan to celebrate this great weekend of Halloween fun with your family and friends . . . I hope The Monster Mash will be part of your musical selection . . . it is a definite toe tapper.

Thanks for stopping by!