Easy Paper Craft Bunnies

Easter Is Around The Corner — It Would Be Great To Have A Fun Family Project . . . These cute bunnies are just the thing — you can put them on packages . . . decorate your dinner table — these would be adorable place setting cards . . . I’m sure you and your family will think of other uses for them as well.

Enjoy and Thanks for stopping by!


Do You Feel The Excitement In The Air?

Christmas Week Is Coming!!!Christmas4

Yes, excitement is in the air!!!

I’ve been having dreams of candy canes and elves and a jolly fat man dressed in red with a long white beard. A huge sleigh and eight reindeer . . .

Families are gathering . . . the stores are bursting with activity with excited customers buying, buying, buying!!!

Everywhere you go there are happy smiling faces . . . children jumping, hopping and running . . . so full of energy and merriment. This is an exciting time for one and all.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town Along With Family Members

Houses are decorated inside and outside.

Everywhere you look there are hints of what is to come for the whole family . . . good food and good company . . . and the anticipation of Santa’s visit.

It’s good . . . all good.

Toy Drives are in full swing for needy families . . . also Food Drives to make sure there is a nutritious Christmas meal for many families who would go without . . .

A feeling of goodwill towards all is abundant . . .

I do wonder about this Christmas Spirit that comes around this time of year. It would be nice to have it year round, but we do get caught up in our own family matters.

Does it really matter that children receive gifts? Does it really matter that a family have a grand Christmas dinner?

Isn’t it about family and spending quality time together . . . trimming the Christmas tree or the fireplace . . . and remembering the reason for the season?

Have we forgotten?

For many it is a myth. For others it is all too true . . . taking a leap of faith.

Are we caught up in the gift buying?

Looking Around My Neighborhood

Merry Christmas Wallpapers

Merry Christmas Wallpapers

Yes, the neighbors have put up their lights and light displays on the lawns.

All telling the arrival of Santa’s visit. This is great and wonderful for the children. I do get a kick out of it, too.

Tucked away is a manger scene or two . . . yes three, four . . .

There is a combination of the true meaning . . . and the commercialized version of Christmas.

Is there the celebration of Jesus’s birth . . . or is it about what’s under the Christmas tree?

It’s not my place to tell you how to celebrate Christmas. It is your holiday as much as it is mine. Celebrate it with your family however you wish. Or spend it alone and treat it like any other day of the year. It is your choice.

I do value the excitement. The lights and the outdoor displays. People have gone to a lot of work.

It is the last big celebration before the New Year.

Yes, We All Deserve A Grand Holiday

For many, this is the beginning of Christmas vacation.

Yes, there are politically correct labels placed on the season . . . but it is Christmas . . . and all that goes along with it . . . lights, a tree, presents, family and friends gathering . . . baking . . . cooking . . . all in anticipation of Christmas Eve and Santa’s visit . . .

Lots of preparation went into this celebration . . . all the planning and labor that went along with it . . .

We do it every year . . . so it is definitely worth it.

May this Christmas be everything you’ve thought it would be.