I Got Side-Tracked

As much as I love blogging . . . I did get side-tracked with the Downton Abbey series.

I can hear you say, “I watched that ages ago!”

I hear you. I’ve never claimed to be on top of the latest and greatest trend.  I guess I was in the mood for something different. Maybe an escape from reality for awhile . . . going back in time . . . where there was tradition and a proper way of doing things and behaving. It does seem quite outdated and a bit peculiar . . . but I believe it has its place.

By no means would I give up my computer and the other modern conveniences I can’t live without, but, there could be something to be said about politeness and kindness. Yet, this series does go a bit overboard with the rich and those in service to them.

I did like seeing the changes that were taking place in the 1920’s Great Britain and how difficult it was for people to embrace those changes and to think about their future. One thing was consistent — needing to work and to make one’s money work for them when it was time to retire.

It was quite refreshing to see how those who were in service to the wealthy were thinking of bettering themselves . . . through education and investments.

It’s important for one to have the confidence in themselves to move forward and taking responsibility for their future. They could see how the grand mansions with their lavish parties was becoming a thing of the past . . . with many wealthy and titled families no longer being able to afford their lifestyle.

Well, most of us aren’t wealthy and don’t live in mansions, but we do work and want to provide the best for our families. I just thought this series was a welcome break from the August heat and the news of the day . . . just an escape to another time . . . and seeing how a family, no matter the amount of privilege they seemed to have been born into, were really no better off than the rest of us. They made wrong choices and experienced heartache and sorrow . . . as well as joy . . .

I think there is a lesson to be learned from this series . . . or maybe it was the particular mood I was in . . . Regardless of the setting and the social classes involved, there was truly a sense of “family” that was consistent throughout this series.

If you haven’t seen it, you can get the DVD complete set or sign up for Amazon Prime and watch it . . . if this interests you at all.

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