Tim Holtz Idea-ology Thrift Shop Ephemera Pack

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Thrift Shop Ephemera Pack

I purchased this ephemera pack a number of years ago. I used it for scrapbooking, cards and other paper craft projects I had in the works. A thrift shop is a place where one can usually find anything — especially stuff you didn’t know you wanted . . . How many times have you gone “just to look” and came out with a whole bag full of items you just had to purchase? It happens all the time . . . 

We Are Gearing Up To Fall . . .

For me, fall is harvest and Halloween . . . also Thanksgiving . . . It is a wonderful time of year to include a variety of craft projects together . . . A variety of ideas that make the season meaningful for you and your family. It is a unique time of year that brings images to your mind, based on your personal experiences . . . many of those are shared experiences . . . so share them with your crafting.

The Addams Family Abode

It’s amazing how many years ago, this series was made and was popular . . . and it is still in our hearts and minds — especially around Fall and the Halloween Season . . . 

Papercrafts are a great way to relax and enjoy an evening either alone or with friends and family. It’s fun to work on projects together and also alone — or together on different projects . . . It’s nice when you need a helping hand or suggestions on how to best put the thing together . . . 

I do enjoy Ray Keim’s models. They are great to display in your home and to give as gifts. They are truly a labor of love . . . Be sure when you click the link in the image above to give a bit of a donation in appreciation for having this wonderful replica to make and share with your family and friends . . . or relive a bit of nostalgia.

I Got A Bit Side-Tracked Here

That seems to be what happens many time while crafting . . . One thing leads to another . . . New ideas pop up . . . That’s why I like this particular selection of ephemera from Tim Holtz. Some of it you may find useless . . . until you find a use for it . . . Some will engage your imagination.

I know when building 3-D models, sometimes I want to stamp something on it or paste something here or there to make it unique to me . . . or to the one for whom I’m making it. This is what is so wonderful about paper crafts. We start with an idea someone had and we build it and create something that is uniquely our own.

Ravensblight Ghost House Is My Absolute Favorite Haunted House

Over the years I don’t know how many of these I’ve made. The secret compartment is the best! I am so delighted to be able to share this with you . . . and hope you will share it with others as well.

Just click the image and download and print it on cardstock . . . A wonderful adventure in papercrafting awaits you.

I do appreciate your stopping by! I have links for free stuff and links where you can purchase things . . . It’s your choice. Enjoy!


Vintage Car Post Card Ephemera

These old post cards would be great in a mini-album or scrapbook!!!

Tim Holtz introduced me to the term “ephemera” which is basically items that last for a short period of time.vintagecarpostcards5

That could be said for post cards and flowers . . . maybe even photographs and paper products — candy wrappers, ticket stubs . . .

Then, we use the fancy name “ephemera” and add “vintage” to it to make people believe we have something valuable here. Which is basically all in the eye of the beholder. And, since it’s my eye that’s beholding . . . and yours, too . . . we’ll be the judge as to whether these Vintage Car Post Cards are worthwhile or not.

I like them! I thought they’d be interesting to put in mini-albums. We can always use more ephemera to put in those handy pockets we make.

Click the image to the right and I have a PDF you can download and print out.

I think I have 8 of them . . . you can print out the ones you like and leave the others.

I’m a bit disappointed with the picture quality, but it does make it look old . . . and these post cards are definitely old. I magine someone saved this “ephemera” not knowing that 80 years later it would still be “here”, but saved in a digital format to be shared and used . . .

Just another example of that “trash to treasure” expression . . .

I hope you found this post amusing and may print out some of these post cards to share in your paper craft projects.

Thanks for stopping by!