Troubleshooting My Printer

What a strange word . . . troubleshooting . . . 

Well, I did get it worked out and in the process learned more about my printer.

It was time well spent. I guess there are just some things that are best for you to figure out yourself. With help from the internet.

I have an Epson 4550 All-In-One Printer with the ink tanks. And, in spite of the difficulty I had with it, I’m delighted I have it.

I found I didn’t reset the ink after I refilled them. That was my error . . . not the fault of the printer, but Epson’s website walked me through the process. Hopefully, I’ll remember the next time.

Cleaning the pin heads was also important. Regular maintenance is essential . . . just tell the machine to do it and there should be no problem. I’m printing up a storm once again.

If you’re in the market for a new printer, I do recommend the Epson Work Force. I do love the:

  • Cartridge-Free Printing
  • Comes with up to 2 years of ink
  • Laser-quality black text with PrecisionCore technology
  • Ink Bottle Refills are considerably less expensive than the cartridges

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With a home business . . . or with an active family with everyone using a computer for homework and other activities, you do need to have a family printer that is economical to use on a regular basis. And with the wireless set-up, it is so handy to use.

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