Besti Halloween Witches

    I Love Witches!!

    These ceramic cuties truly captured my heart.

    I could go on and on with a description, but you can read that for yourself when you click the image to the right.

    These adorable witches will enchant any Halloween desplay you decide to have this year … As for me, they will be desplayed throughout the year!

    They would fit quite nicely on book shelves or desktops … mantles, end tables … even on an entry table to welcome guests in your home …

    They can be desplayed together or separately … They or one can keep you company while you’re in the kitchen preparing a lovely meal for your family …

    They would bring happiness in your home or office workspace … They do make me smile … I plan on buying several sets of these … for various places around my house and for friends and family who will admire them.

    I recommend these fun Besti Halloween Witches!

    Thanks for stopping by!