Annoying Ghost

This has been some weekend with Halloween Parties . . . and All Hollows Eve is still a few days away …

I don’t know about trick-or-treat-ers running around the neighborhood.

I have noticed there are some strange things going on … last week and over the weekend … This is the reason for sharing this real ghost story with you.

And, I don’t have an explanation as to the strange paranormal experiences others are having … the veil must have lifted to a degree … or our imaginations are on overdrive …

Everyone has quirks. My friend Joan has a thing for leaving doors and cabinets half open.

Doors are to be either opened or closed. Cabinets, she prefers to have closed, drawers, too.

Everyday when she came home from work, doors were half open, cabinets half open, and drawers pulled out.

She decided she had a ghost that was messing with her.

A few days later, at work, she noticed her desk drawers were opened, the door to her office was half open and the filing cabinet drawers were opened and pulled out. She locked her office, desk and file cabinet before leaving. It was something she did every evening as did others in the office.

The janitorial service the company used would lock the doors of the offices. All the employees had separate keys to their desks and file cabinets.

Joan lived alone and no one had keys to her house.

When Joan’s sister, Holly, accepted her invitation to visit the following weekend, Joan asked her to bring her ghost hunting equipment with her.

Holly arrived with her ghost hunting team late that Friday night. Some were going to investigate the office and others Joan’s house.

Joan accompanied half the group to the office (three others) and Holly stayed at the house to investigate with the other half of the group (also three members).

At each location cameras were set up. They also had EMF sensors (also referred to as The Ghost Meter).

They both saw what they believed to be poltergeist activity opening doors and drawers. It appeared to be almost earthquake activity of doors swinging freely half opened or half closed and the drawers made jumping movements — not smooth openings. The kitchen cabinets swung open smoothly and adjusted to closing halfway.

It was all quite odd.

The group decided to do some research about both locations.

The strange thing was that both Joan’s house and the office building were once owned by the same man in the 1920’s. He was an attorney who was rumored to have poisoned his wife so he could marry his secretary. It does seem fitting that she would haunt both locations, but why Joan’s office and not the one used by her former husband?

With more research and consulting a psychic it was uncovered that the annoying ghost had once worked in the office Joan occupied before her marriage.

As has often been believed that poison is a woman’s means of murder, the psychic reasoned the annoying ghost was slowly poisoning her husband, but he discovered her putting cyanide in his food and drink and would switch plates and glasses with hers. So, in the end she poisoned herself.

It is a strange tale, but why was she taunting Joan who was not a relative and how did she know of Joan’s quirk of not liking doors, cabinets and drawers half or partly opened?

The simple answer is observation. This is how she decided to get Joan’s attention.

The annoying ghost didn’t stay with Joan much longer after the truth was uncovered. Did she want Joan to believe her husband poisoned her? Or to acknowledge that she actually poisoned herself?

Does the truth set one free?

Joan still lives in the same house and works in the same office. She thinks of the annoying spirit from time to time and wonders if she’ll return.

She’s relieved that the ghost only messed with her obsession and didn’t try to poison her.

I hope you enjoyed this real ghost story. I did. It had a happy ending … and gave us a bit of insight into the paranormal.

I’m always searching for answers or some insight into the realm of the paranormal … I’m not so much in getting the wits scared out of me … that has happened, but not something I seek …

I do hope this Halloween Season you and your family will be safe …

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Spirit Box Warning

As with any device you choose to use — a digital recorder, a camera, tarot cards, spirit box, crystals, candles, etc. — if you’re feeling afraid, please don’t use it.

Some “spirits” may not be loving. Some messages may be frightening. That’s why it is important for you to surround yourself with a white light and protect yourself — even smudge the area where you’re using the spirit box.

Also making it very clear that you’re only accepting messages from kind, loving spirits.

As far as I’m concerned a Spirit Box is not a toy. It is a tool to use for contacting loved ones who have crossed over.

After protecting yourself, be sure to call upon your spirit guides. And you may want to call upon angels to be with you during your spirit box sessions.

To be perfectly honest with you, I thought long and hard before making my purchase of the P-SB7 Spirit Box with DAS108 Orbital Bluetooth Universal Speaker

I’ve used pendulums and dowsing rods and a digital recorder in the past and thought it was time for me to step up to the next level.

Currently, this particular spirit box model is not available until August 4, 2018. I won’t be receiving mine until around August 8, 2018, but I did order other items that will be delivered tomorrow.

I believe this is a very popular item for professional and non-professional paranormal teams. It is affordable and very “user friendly.”

Every tool has its positive aspects. I found that asking “yes” and “no” questions at times became difficult. I wanted something more . . . more information. With the spirit box you can receive “yes” and “no” responses as well as words and short phrases. Don’t expect a whole drawn out paragraph for your answer, but I’m thinking that could be possible over time and tuning in to the right frequency. I just have to say that anything is possible.

Much depends upon your experience and skill level when working with the spirit box.

I’ve always been fascinated by the spirit word. Communication — safe communication, is what I’m seeking to connect with loved ones. My purpose for buying a spirit box was to get to know some of my relatives. To learn some of our family history.

I do find it interesting how I do feel shy and like a child when I do communicate with them through a psychic or using other tools. I hope I can get away from that feeling. My goal is to get to know them better by sharing more than perhaps we were able to do while they were on earth.

I would also like to connect with relatives I did not know at all — who passed either prior to my birth or shortly after.

I basically have an open mind regarding what comes through. I know I have a week or so to wait for my Spirit Box, but I am planning my protection and my sessions.

I do have an EMF meter coming tomorrow with some sage sticks. I do like having a supply on hand. 

I believe I have activity around my dining room table. There are times the chairs move and I’d like to know who is visiting me. Or if it is merely my imagination.

As corny as this may sound, I honestly believe they have family meetings there. I would like to know what is going on . . . but I’ll also ask to be invited. Strange how this is my house, but I don’t want to intrude — back to that “feeling like a child.”

I do believe it is always right to be respectful of spirits. They come through for a purpose. Maybe they have a message to get across to me or someone else. I suppose this is where spirit guides come into play by filtering those who do come.

I’m not going to contact other people with messages — unless I know them.

I think this is going to be an interesting journey for me. I don’t know where it will take me. I plan to record the sessions — mainly because I’ll have to play them back numerous times in order to understand what is being said.

Most of the personal stuff will be for my personal use, but I plan to contact some “people of interest” if they wish to contact me. That may be interesting.

Do you remember hearing about people who wrote stories and poems and even novels dictated through Ouija Board sessions?

We know the warnings about Ouija Boards and I won’t go into those.

I just find it interesting how some people contacted spirits who had unfinished manuscripts. You can Google this. I did find it fascinating. Most notable were Patience Worth and Mark Twain. There is also the channel of spirits that is a whole other arena.

I do wonder if that’s possible with the spirit board.

I think this may be very difficult, but it would be interesting. I’d like to hear an original real ghost story or two someone in the spirit world experienced. Perhaps get a bit more insight into some “hauntings”.

As I said earlier, I do believe anything is possible . . .

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Just Grillin’ and Chillin’ and Tellin’ Ghost Stories

That’s right . . . got the grill going and the fire pit . . . and relaxing with a few ghost stories and paranormal experiences . . .

I have a few friends who in their youth worked in the fast food industry . . . this was their first job while still in high school . . . and they had some experiences that got them thinking of going to college . . .

Dave was called to work one night . . . once the after the movies crowd thinned out . . . all was calm and quiet.

The night manager was in his office doing paperwork.

Dave was at the take-out window . . . the doors were locked and only the drive-thru window was open . . . All the tables had been cleaned, the floor mopped . . . and all was quiet.

He heard the jingle of the bell that someone was at the drive-thru menu . . . “Good evening, welcome to ????? may I take your order?”

Dave didn’t hear the humm of a car motor . . . but he waited . . . then he stuck his head out the take-out window . . . but saw nothing. He thought maybe someone walking by tripped the bell — it may have been a big dog . . . Dave dismissed it and took the trash out to the dumpster. 

He felt as though he was being watched . . . he had a feeling someone was right behind him . . .

Dave didn’t want to turn around . . . his thoughts were on getting the trash in the dumpster and going back into the building . . . He felt an ice cold chill run down his spine . . . and felt the cold breath next to his ear . . . a raspy voice whispered “I’ve been watching you . . . ”

He ran around the building twice before finding the employees only door he went out of earlier to take out the trash . . .

Once inside Dave leaned against the counter, trying to calm his breathing and the pounding of his heart in his chest.

The night manager, Pete, came to the kitchen for some coffee. He took one look at Dave and said, “You look like you’ve seen a ghost!!”

“No . . . I didn’t see a ghost . . . but I think I heard one . . .” Dave had difficulty getting the words out.

After sipping some hot coffee, Dave calmed down and told Pete what happened outside near the dumpsters.

“It was probably some old guy from the train tracks having some fun with you. Those old guys are just passing through.” Pete explained. “I had a similar experience, but my guy robbed the place.”

It was store policy to empty the cash drawer and then call the police once the guy was gone.

Dave felt a little better . . . but he was still uneasy . . . He was hoping his mom and little sister were safe at home. His dad was out of town on a business trip. He wanted to call home, but didn’t want to upset his mom.

Just before his shift was over, Dave saw a car pull up and park just outside the take-out window. A man got out . . . It was his dad!!

“Your mother had a weird feeling you were in danger and called me home. Is your shift over?”

“Yeah Dad.”

His dad walked him to his car and told him he’d follow him home. As he turned towards his own car, he saw red glowing eyes out by the dumpsters . . . one eye twitched as though it was winking at him while the other one focused on him . . . unblinking . . .

Dave stopped his car beside his dad, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing . . . I thought I saw something . . . Let’s take the long way home . . .”

It was years later before Dave’s dad told him what he saw near the dumpsters . . . Both Dave and his dad were grateful Dave’s mother had a sixth sense about Dave being in danger.

There is truly something to be said about women’s intuition . . . and the strange paranormal things that are prowling around at night.

I hope you enjoyed this paranormal tale . . . and may share one of your own in the comments below.

Oh! And if you’re in the mood for some ghost hunting . . . here are a few items you may find useful:

I do have a voice activated recorder and I did capture a “voice” and “sounds” that scared the dickens out of me!!

Have fun!

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