Cemetery Scare

Karen couldn’t shake the desire to visit the cemetery.

She had no relatives buried there.

A few years ago she had a bad breakup and instead of going home to an empty house would go to the cemetery after work. She would walk among the headstones thinking about her life and the changes she had to make. She realized Kyle wasn’t the best boyfriend and since meeting him, she broke ties with friends . . . she now had some serious mending to do.

So, the cemetery was a quiet place for her to go and think.

Karen hadn’t been back for years . . . Why the sudden desire to visit?

She made dinner plans with a woman from work, Beth, who was grieving the loss of her husband.

Karen thought if she made plans for after work, then this crazy notion of going to the cemetery would stop weighing on her mind.

Beth walked in Karen’s office, “Hey, would you mind stopping at the cemetery with me before dinner? I want to place some flowers on his grave.”

Karen couldn’t believe it!! The cemetery!! Why on earth . . .

“Wouldn’t you rather go alone? I can meet you at the restaurant.”

“Oh! All right. I thought you liked going to the cemetery to clear your head.”

“I did when Kyle and I broke up . . . Beth, just this morning I felt this ‘pull’ to go to the cemetery . . . I know it sounds crazy, but I’m afraid to go . . . ”

“That’s strange. My daughter and I usually go on Sunday after church, but I felt a ‘pull’ to go today after work. Something strange is going on.”

Karen nodded.

“Well . . . aren’t you curious?”

“More afraid than curious.”

Karen called a psychic friend of hers. She needed answers.

Rachel, the psychic, listened to Karen’s concerns and began spreading out her Tarot cards.

“I see danger. Where were you when you started feeling pulled to visit the cemetery?”

“In the break room.”

“And where was your friend, Beth, when she felt pulled to put flowers on her husband’s grave?”

“I don’t know. Let me check.” She put Rachel on hold and called Beth.

“She was in the break room.”

“I’ll meet you after work in your office and ask Beth to join us.”

Karen and Beth were on needles and pins the rest of the work day.

They didn’t dare go into the break room. They sensed that Rachel sensed something sinister in there. They tried to figure out what was different from the previous day . . . Did someone bring something in?

They no longer pondered the possibility when Hank came in with a relic . . .

“I’ve been looking high and low for my good luck charm I got from one of my professors when I graduated from college. My day was going nowhere. I had cancelled appointments and a couple of clients quit and told me they were going elsewhere. I retraced my steps . . . ”

Karen stopped listening . . . Hank must have dropped it in the break room.

But how could Hank’s good luck charm be giving out messages to both Karen and Beth?

Rachel arrived while Hank was still rambling on about his good luck charm and his run of bad luck since losing it.

“Hank, why do you think this is a good luck charm?”

“It gives me hunches . . . ever since I received it. First, it was to apply here for a job. Then finding my wife. Do you believe it, she was eating lunch in the park, just like I planned to do . . .”

“Have these hunches always been right?” asked Rachel.

“Yes . . . ” Then he paused. “Come to think of it last winter I felt a strong desire to go to the cemetery and then strange things happened. It was freezing cold and I just wanted to lay down on the grave of my professor and die. I almost did, but I had this . . . guy help me to my car . . . once I got warm I drove home. I never told anyone what happened . . . not even my wife.”

“We can cleanse this . . . or you can return it to your deceased professor . . .”

Hank didn’t wait for any other suggestions . . . “I’m going to the cemetery and returning it!!”

“Wait!!!” Rachel, Karen and Beth yelled simultaneously.

Rachel got to work. She cleansed the amulet, put a protective shield around Hank, Karen, Beth and herself. Then they left the office and went to the cemetery.

Rachel saw the apparition of the professor.

“What do you want?” Rachel asked.

“I want Hank to know he doesn’t need a good luck charm. He has what it takes.”

“But why lure Karen and Beth into this?”

“And what about my cancelled appointments and the lost clients . . . and almost freezing to death last winter?” Hank wanted to know.

The professor admitted there was a downside to the amulet and it was time to get rid of it, but not give it to someone else. Since it was cleansed, it may do no more harm, but it was time to let go of it. So Hank buried it on the professors grave.

Then Karen started to laugh.

“Here I am at the cemetery . . . the absolute last place I wanted to be today.”

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