Halloween Labels

    I’m always looking for Halloween Labels.HalloweenLabels

    These aren’t to print out, but to   give you ideas of the various labels people have made for bottles of all shapes and sizes. It most likely is giving you ideas of names of labels you might want to make. I’ve thought of a few:

    • Milkweed Nectar and have a picture of a Butterfly
    • Snail Slime with a picture of a Snail
    • Instant Wealth with a picture of As Seen On TV
    • Pickled Hummingbird Tongue with a picture of a forked tongue
    • Dried Snake Skin with a picture of a snake skin
    • Time Traveler Potion with a picture of an old clock
    • Grave Dirt with a picture of a coffin
    • Beatle Juice with a picture of “you know who”
    • Pumpkin Guts with a picture of pumpkin slime
    • Lucky Rabbit’s Foot with a picture of a bunny
    • Pickled Dragonfly Wings with a picture of a dragonfly
    • Gambler’s Luck with a picture of dice or cards
    • Shrunken Heads with a picture of a shrunken head
    • Lady Luck with a picture of whomever you want
    • Magic Potion with a picture of a cloud of smoke

    Your list could go on and on. All you need is a little inspiration.

    Let’s see about some bottles:

    You’re all set to create some amazing labels right out of your own imagination. You can use family names such as “Pete’s Killer Charm” or “Lynne’s Winning Personality” or “Gramps Grumpy Gum” You could fill them with different candies that would fit with the label and give them away as party favors.

    I’m sure you’ll come up with just the right sayings to make into labels you can paste to these jars.

    Thanks for stopping by!