Can Evil Spirits Affect A Loving Relationship?

Demonic Entities love causing problems.

Ryan and Liz didn’t know what was going on with them. It seemed little things would set them off.

For their wedding anniversary they decided to get away and work on their marriage.

When they reurned home, Liz noticed the silver candle holders they received as a wedding present were missing. Ryan noticed the bracelet he made for Liz was missing. Instead of getting upset, they decided to sit down and discuss the situation logically without emotion.

When did all of this begin?

Ryan and Liz sat down and thought about when they moved in. They also went over the wedding gifts they received. They also listed the furniture they bought or was given to them. They were narrowing down when they started arguing about petty things. They knew something was in the house that wanted them to argue.

Ryan knew that demonic entities feed off discord and can cause it. Liz was aware that demons can be in objects as well as houses.

Finally they narrowed it down to a dresser they found in the basement and were using it in their bedroom. They emptied it and instead of returning it to the basement, they set it outside to the curb. They also removed other items left by the previous owners. Liz was quite fond of the hutch where she placed their fine china and crystal stemware, but she knew it had to go.

Liz cleaned the basement from top to bottom. She said a prayer and demanded that any evil leave in the name of Jesus Christ.

They felt confident when they went to bed that evening.

Around midnight they heard loud banging on the front door.

Turning on the porch light, they saw that the furniture they put to the curb was on the porch. Was the furniture trying to get back in the house?

As strange as it sounds, that’s exactly what they believed was happening. They didn’t have a sage smudge stick. They did have a rosemary herb candle that they lit and did their own ritual of blessing their house and demanding that all evil leave their doorway.

The banging grew louder and more insistent. They continued praying.

By day break, the pounding stopped.

Liz and Ryan were exhausted. They slept for a few hours before Ryan called his brother to help him take the furniture to the dump. Or to take it out to be burned.

They were awakened by loud banging on the door.

Oh no, not again they thought.

When they looked out, it was a young couple who wanted to know about the furniture on their porch.

Liz and Ryan were hesitant about allow the young couple to take the furniture away, but it would solve their problem.

Liz did try to explain that they should smudge the furniture before putting it in their house, but they were told they didn’t believe in that mumbo jumbo superstitious nonsense.

With the furniture gone, Liz and Ryan did have their house blessed. The said a prayer for the young couple who took the furniture.

Everything has been calm and peaceful in their home.

A few years later I saw a beat up old truck with antique furniture stuck at the side of the road.

The couple sitting on the hood of the truck looked bruised and battered with scratches on their arms, legs and face. Being the curious person that I am, I stopped to ask if they needed help. They waved me away saying, “You don’t want any of our bad mojo.”

They were right, I didn’t need their bad mojo, but I had to know if they were the young couple that took Liz and Ryan’s furniture.

While we were talking, a man stopped and asked what they were planning to do with the furniture. He seemed interested and gave them an offer they immediately accepted.

Once the furniture was removed from the old battered truck, it started right up. I met the couple at my favorite coffee shop to hear their story.

Yes, they did find the furniture on someone’s porch. They were hesitant to confide in me that the furniture was possessed and demons attacked them while they slept. Their life was one problem after another since they took that furniture. The pipes burst in their apartment and they had to move. They were both having problems with their jobs. Their friends and family abandoned them. Bad things happened to people around them. They were given the reputation of being jinxed.

Having sold the furniture to the man on the side of road, I wondered if they felt anything about not warning the guy about the furniture.

All I can say is “Buyer Beware.”

Thanks for stopping by and reading my latest real ghost story.