Haunted Hearse

A friend of mine bought a hearse.

It was a vintage hearse that had been fully restored. He bought it from a local mortuary. They sold it because they believed it was haunted.

He wanted to conduct ghost tours and thought a hearse would be an ideal vehicle to get his guests in the mood. Also included with the tour was a dinner and discussions about haunted places they had visited or would want to visit. It was exciting to drive up to the restaurant in a hearse. Some places thought it was bad for business, but since these were paying customers, the restaurants got off their high horse and agreed to allow the hearse to be parked in front.

Carson had some alterations made to add more seating.

He also had a custom logo painted on both doors and the back window.

At both places where he took the hearse, he was told about creepy sounds coming from the back of the hearse. The best description was creeks, moans and sighs.

Carson didn’t think much of this, he was excited that he was going to be able to conduct ghost tours and have a good time this coming Halloween. For him, everyday was Halloween in his fancy attire. He was looking forward to painting his face like a skeleton. The more he thought about it, he decided to gave it a try on a couple of occasions.

The thing was, when he did paint his face, the hearse would take his guests to the cemetery.

There was much to see and the guests were delighted. When the hearse was ready for the next stop, it would start by itself, rev the engine, honk the horn and take off as soon as the doors were closed.

Carson visited places he knew nothing about, but the speakers gave the guests an eerie demonstration of the sounds that would come from the building.

After awhile, Carson was getting a bit creeped out about this, but word of mouth was spreading and he was booked solid months in advance. He decided to go with the flow and enjoy this windfall.

Carson was reminded of the Stephen King book and movie Christine, but it didn’t take off in the night without him. He had to admit it was a creepy car.

He contacted others in the business to ask their advice. Carson received offers from some of these guys to buy his hearse. They were into their business and they made it fun and entertaining for their clients. Wearing costumes was a natural and some hired local talent to dress in character and entertain the clients with stories that may have been true or urban legends.  One man would have a young woman in ghostly make-up stand on the side of the road to the cemetery and ask for a ride. He would give her his jacket and once they arrived at the cemetery the woman would run off and his jacket would be found on a grave stone. Others used other props to make for an exciting tour.

Carson realized he didn’t need to hire actors and didn’t need to have props when he had a haunted hearse that entertained his clients. He didn’t know what to expect from day to day, but he had some prankster ghosts that would hitch a ride with him and do their thing. It was all in fun and Carson relaxed and enjoyed himself as did his guests.

When asked how he did all the stuff of having someone whisper their name or knock off a hat or tie shoestrings together, Carson would tell them the hearse was haunted. Many didn’t believe him and some may have. It’s difficult to know for sure.

This is truly an example of how important it is to relax and allow the ghostly realm to work with you.

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