Haunted Hotel

There are plenty of stories about haunted places — especially hotels. Will anyone forget Stephen King’s The Shining?

Well, this isn’t about that book, movie or hotel. I met Paul and Paula with their parents at my local coffee shop. Paul and Paula were twins in their early 30’s. They were chefs. They worked in a hotel in Colorado and were here for a visit with their parents. They could prepare just about anything, but their love was pastries. They would one day love to have their own pastry shop or do catering, but they were happy where they were — even though the hotel was haunted.

The interesting thing about this hotel is that it’s foundation is on quartz.

Quartz is believed to attract paranormal activity.

The hotel is absolutely beautiful with a sense of history — and a sense that you are sharing a part of that history. Paula is more of a skeptic, but Paul is a true believer in the paranormal.

They heard stories of a stabbing in the dining room during a heated argument. And the man who slit the throat of the other with a steak knife hung himself in the stables out of guilt and remorse. There were stories of children who lost their lives falling down stairs or out of windows. There were also stories of lover’s quarrels that ended with one of them dead.

Paula admitted to feeling cold spots in the dining room. Paul reported to seeing ghostly images of well dressed couples milling about. They both commented about things in the kitchen being moved. There were also ghostly images of children running around the lobby and playing on the stairs.

“On minute they’re there and the next they’re gone,” Paula said.

“I would hear giggling and the footsteps of small running feet,” Paul added.

There were also times when dishes and glassware would break — like an explosion when no one was nearby. They also recalled being pushed when carrying hot sauces or pouring them onto food.

There was one time Paula burned her hand and she heard very clearly, “Are you all right?” She didn’t know if it was a man or a woman, but the voice was a whisper and did convey concern. In spite of herself she answered, “Yes, I’m fine.” She knew she was alone at that time in the kitchen.

Sunday brunches were popular at this hotel where the doors were open to the public. There were locals that would come every Sunday and others once a month or so. Paul and Paula were in and out of the kitchen and the dining room on these days to make sure everything was full, clean and appealing. This is when they could show off their pastries which were a definite hit. The hotel made excellent money boxing up their cakes, cupcakes, cookies and brownies.

The more Paul and Paula spoke about the hotel and their experiences, I could see their mother getting uncomfortable, especially when they spoke of something evil about the place. It seemed that they would hear voices luring them upstairs. Many of the maids and the night workers spoke of being told to check a window and would feel themselves being pushed down the stairs or towards opened spaces. Many people with such experiences didn’t stay past their two week notice.

“Daddy and I are doing well with out investments and we would like to see you more,” she began.

“Yes,” her husband added. “Why not fulfill your dream of a bakery now, close by?”

“We will help you get started,” their mother added.

The twins were dumbfounded. They didn’t know what to say. I felt like I was in the way and took my leave.

I did see them again at a country club event. Paul and Paula were catering the affair.

They seemed happy and both were engaged to be married in the summer. They worked at different restaurants part time and rented a place where they could do their cooking, baking and catering. There were several events that kept them busy and making money.

They’re located in the old part of town and deliver lunches to the local merchants. They also do a wheels on meals type of thing for some elderly acquaintances of their parents. Their business is doing quite well and have plans to repay their parent’s generosity of relocating them and setting them up with their own business.

Paula is engaged to a local attorney who helped them with their culinary business plan. Paul is engaged to a nurse at the local hospital.

“Until we spoke to you, we didn’t realize how potentially dangerous the old hotel may have been,” Paula said.

“There were accidents that happened there regularly with employees and guests. They would say they didn’t know what possessed them to do the things they did,” Paul said. “It was like they were sleepwalking.”

“Children drowned in the pool,” Paula said. “That was the last straw for me.”

Paul nodded. “The lifeguard was just watching with a strange expression on his face. Of course, he was too late to rescue them. He was brought up on charges of endangering the children.”

Old places with antiques and those with water and lots of wood seem to attract the paranormal — evil and otherwise. The problem is that the evil entities can be so helpful and caring until they gain your trust and then things get out of control with possession.

My great-aunt at one time was the telephone operator with the old fashioned switchboards that connected with the rooms in the hotel where she worked. She would say at times lights on her switchboard would go on for rooms that were unoccupied. She would send someone up there from time to time and they would report how they could see the indentation of someone sitting or laying on the bed or sitting in a chair. There were times when the desk and the hotel stationery would be messed up with ink splotches. There were also rooms guests would report feeling watched and having their luggage gone through. They would request another room or check out.

So much is possible to observe when one is open to the paranormal. Yes, there are logical explanations, too, but I wouldn’t rule out the paranormal.

Well, this was quite exciting for a Real Ghost Story.

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