Paper Craft Coffins

These Free Printables are easy to make, fill with goodies and give away.

What I really like about these, besides being free, is they come occupied with a great skeleton.coffins1

Fun, right?

You can decorate them however you wish . . . adding embellishments of various textures and perhaps make them into cards or invitations. Allow your imagination to soar and you’ll come up with hundreds, if not thousands of uses for these classy paper craft coffins.

Yes, it may be a bit morbid, but you’ll be delighted you started making these now . . . the kids will want to give them to their friends . . . you’ll want to give them to your friends and neighbors . . . you may need to kick the skeleton out . . . or leave him in to frighten the recipients of your treat filled coffins.

It’s always fun to give them a little extra . . . even if it is a fright . . .

Here are some helpful links courtesy of Ray O’Bannon of Ravensblight. There are six different coffin designs in this Peculiar Coffin Boxes set:

Peculiar Coffin Boxes Assembly Instructions
Black and Gold Coffin
Black and Silver Coffin
Gold Filigree Coffin
Silver Filigree Coffin
Rusty Coffin
Chained Coffin

Wasn’t that delightful!!! Mr. O’Bannon has more . . .

Oh yes, indeed he does. May I interest you in his Deluxe Coffin Boxes set?DeluxCoffinBoxes1

There are five of these to print out and assemble . . . yes, they have a skeleton occupant, too.

If you print out the Peculiar Coffin Boxes and these Deluxe Coffin Boxes, you’ll have eleven different coffins to give to your family and friends . . . or your kids to give to their friends . . . Eleven different coffin boxes . . . imagine the possibilities . . .

Goodness, I almost forgot the links . . .

Deluxe Coffin Boxes Assembly Instructions
Modern Mahogany Casket
Oak Toe Pincher Coffin
Mahogany Toe Pincher Coffin
Walnut Toe Pincher Coffin
Weathered Crate

Now, would Mr. O’Bannon leave you with just eleven coffins?

Of course not. He’s a gentleman and a master craftsman.CoffinGiftBoxes

He has a special treat in store for you. Three 4″ Coffin Gift Boxes plus a Stone Tomb that will accommodate one of these 4″ coffins . . .

And, as a special surprise . . . he has four unique occupants you can put inside to delight or frighten your family and friends.

Coffin Gift Boxes Assembly Instructions
Pine Coffin Gift Box
Cherrywood Coffin Gift Box
Mahogany Casket Gift Box
Tomb Gift Box
Coffin Occupants

Oh, I neglected to mention that the Deluxe and Peculiar Coffin Boxes are 6″ long . . . but these would still go along nicely with this additional smaller set . . .

Oh yes, there is more from the creative master Ray O’Bannon . . .



I know it’s completely unexpected and totally unbelievable . . .

A Horse Drawn Hearse Carriage complete with a driver and a passenger . . . a coffin with either a vampire or skeleton . . .

This is truly an impressive carriage . . . It will definitely delight your family and friends . . . I am completely speechless . . .

Hearse Carriage Assembly Instructions
Hearse Carriage

Oh dear . . . the children will want several of these for their absolute best friends . . .

It seems you are going to be quite busy . . . adults will go completely crazy over this . . . yes, you’ll catch them opening the back door and pulling out the coffin . . . and taking a peek inside . . .

I may decorate it for Christmas and put it in my Christmas Village . . . wouldn’t this be festive!!!

I’m completely exhausted presenting all of this to you . . . I do have a bit of tidying up to do . . . so, I’ll leave you this treasure trove of delightful coffins and this magnificent hearse carriage . . .

Just follow the directions and you’ll be putting these coffins and the carriage together in no time at all.

Until next time,