Board And Card Games For Christmas Is A Family Affair

I used to love it when the whole family would get together and play board and card games when I was a kid.

Here are a few I’d like to review today:

They make excellent stocking stuffers, too.

These are great throughout the year so you can begin a family game night. I’m sure the whole family will look forward to this . . . and friends may want to join in, too. It’s a great way to spend an evening.

All right, let’s begin with Lattice Board Game (Standard Edition) by Adacio. It’s a strategy board game designed for 2 to 4 players ages 6 years and up. The rules are simple, takes about 3 minutes to explain and 20 minutes to play. The manufacture states it takes “a lifetime to master.” That’s positive because along with it you’ll see that many skills are developed: cognitive skills, spacial recognition, planning, strategy and interpersonal skills.

It reminds me a bit of dominoes, a bit of scrabble (but you’re not making words) and qwirkle. You’re matching tiles by color or image. There are some special stones that will be explained in this short video.

So, the game consists of: 84 tiles, a 14 inch board, 4 tile racks, 32 acrylic stones, a box and instructions. Everything you need — except the players.

It’s a good solid game for fun with the family and friends. It is a light game with more appeal to adults because of the strategy angle and wonderful for young children because of the matching of color or image and the development of basic skills mentioned above. The game has merit and definite re-play-ability. No game will be exactly the same. It’s an excellent family game for all ages.

Next we have JINK Family Edition Board Game by Game Development Group. JINX is a fast paced action game of luck and fun for all players. The object of the game is to line up 3 of your game pieces in a row after rolling the dice and placing your game pieces on the board. If, however, you land on your own piece, you get Jinxed and have to start all over again.

JINK is designed for 2 to 6 players ages 10 years to adult. The game includes: game pawns, dice, a large game board and instruction sheet.

I wasn’t all that thrilled with it. Although it was fast paced, I found myself wanting to get the game over with and move to another one. There really wasn’t that much challenge to it. It basically fell flat in my humble opinion.

Moving on we have a card game Wild West Round Up by Arizona Game Company. It’s a fun twist on the ever popular “Spoons” card game.

This is a family friendly card game for 3 to 8 players ages 7 years and up. The game consists of 59 Wild West themed playing cards and rules. The illustrations are fun. The game is fast-paced. Players quickly pass cards around the table until a matching set is found and someone yells “STAMPEDE!” Players race to roundup cattle cards before the last cow gets away. The one with the most cows at the end of the game is the winner. Each game averages between 7 to 14 minutes.

Kids love the game! And the furniture doesn’t get beat up as with Spoons. I think it’s a great game for family night. You could buy some little cows to use instead of the cow cards — they do seem to get a bit beat up when they are grabbed.

And last, but not least we have Hoagie, A Goofy Kitchen Adventure by Gangrene Games. It boasts of being one of the most addicting family games for kids and adults.

I like to watch the game in action to understand the game a bit better. Let’s watch:

So, as you saw, a simple game of building a sandwich just got complicated by other players messing it up. I love the card illustrations and simple rules. I can see this card game being extremely popular on family game nights.

You have fresh ingredients from which players build a hoagie masterpiece. You also have the Oogies, a gang of ingredient spoiling critters. While players are creating their hoagie, other players are putting Oogies in their opponents sandwiches.

The game was designed for 2 to 5 players ages 4 to adult. This is one of those games adults enjoy as much as their children. Hoagie is a definite winner in my humble opinion. This one is definitely going to be in several stockings, because once I bring it out to play on Christmas Eve, I’m going to be asked over and over and over again if they could take it home with them . . . Well, I won’t be losing my game . . . I’ve got that all worked out.

You have a wonderful list of family games to have for family game night or a rainy day. Or just because you want to play a fun game.

Hoagie is my absolute favorite of the ones listed. I think it’s the artwork and the concept of making a sandwich and spoiling ingredients for the other players, but what goes around comes around . . . Those Oogies!! It is a fun game with quite a bit of strategy thrown in. It also reminds me a bit of UNO which is another quite popular family game.

Just click one of the links above to be taken to where you can get more information and make a purchase. These games make great gifts for all occasions.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this was helpful.