What’s Up?

Another Week Is Almost OverWinter4

Getting closer to Santa’s visit.

Goodness, I can’t believe how fast this month is going by. Yet, it is said that the older you get the faster time goes by. I must be getting older because I can see it.

Do You Remember A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens?

The story where Scrooge is visited by three spirits?

I thought the original was good. Then, I noticed all the remakes using the same concept.

Well, of course, I have a variation on the same theme. Mine is a bit different. Mine is based on websites past, present and future.

This has been my concern for several months. And I attended a webinar to clear up my concept.

Since The Webinar

I’ve haven’t been visited by spirits.

But my thoughts and dreams have centered on my websites — past, present and future.

I remember how excited I was to begin a blog. Then another and another. After awhile they don’t seem all that exciting and with time I’ve lost interest.

I learned at the webinar that one blog is basically all you need and all you can handle, if you want to do it right.

I’ve thought long and hard about my various websites. I’ve eliminated two of them and may find a need to eliminate two more. All due to lack of interest . . . and them not fulfilling the need I thought they’d provide.

These thoughts have turned into a form of a nightmare. One I can’t seem to escape.

At odd hours one of them pops into my mind and I realize how useless they truly are.

The more I think about them, the more I know I don’t know what I’m doing.

Anyone Can Do A Blog

That’s so true.

It’s having a popular blog that counts. One that is read on a regular basis by thousands of visitors.

A blog is no different from a store. The doors are open, but no one comes in to shop. Soon there is no reason to continue.

It’s difficult to let go . . .

That’s the hardest part for me. It’s letting go of all the hard work I’ve put into my blogs.

But the thing is . . . Getting back into the Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol . . .

I’m not all that excited and elated . . . I’m not feeling the value of eliminating websites . . . other than giving me more time to devote to those I have and to my life . . .

Some I’m eager to let go. They’ve become a major pain in the neck. But others . . .

I’ve Narrowed It Down To Three . . . Perhaps Four

Isn’t that ridiculous.

Starting with 8 websites, I’ve got it down to 6 and can get it down to 4, but 3 is difficult.

I was watching a YouTube video last night and an ad began the video. It’s probably one you’ve seen on YouTube or even television. It’s the Pioneer Woman and her dinner and cookware products.

Her focus is about her family and giving them good food on attractive plates after a hard days work.

We know her life isn’t centered around her kitchen, but her products are . . .

To have such a clear focus . . . to be so driven in one particular aspect of her life is remarkable. I truly admire it.

I’m all over the place . . . especially in this blog and thus the need to have two or three other ones.

Can Life Be That Simple?

Yes, I believe it can . . . and that’s my goal . . . to simplify . . .

Every day we have tasks to accomplish. It’s the driving force that gets you out of bed each morning that drives us to succeed in whatever it is that motivates us that is important.

It’s our passion . . . something we’d be doing regardless of whether we had a huge audience or not . . . but is that really worthwhile?

Yes, I have more questions than answers.

That’s the problem I’m experiencing and my need to move on by eliminating my other websites.

As much as I’ve thought myself to be Super Woman, I’m not. I can’t take charge of several websites and make them all successful, but I can focus on a couple that truly motivate me.

Then I think, but there’s this other one . . . so I’ll have to say that I have in the course of writing this narrowed my focus . . . successfully down to 3. Yes, 3 and only three. And if I get honest about it, I only need this one and my newest one.

I may have found that 2 websites are all I need.

That’s keeping it simple and manageable.

Life can be simple, if we stop complicating it.

It All Comes Down To What I Can Offer You, My Readers

And what comes naturally.

What it is that I have to say that will enrich your life . . . and mine, too.

That’s the essence of having a blog. It’s communicating and connecting with others who have the same interests.

I see it clearly when I’m reading a book or watching a movie. There is something that hits me . . . something I would like to do or something I am doing . . .

Too often we focus on the wrong thing.

It’s like that TED Talk I’ve referred to before in giving us an elevator description of who we are.

It’s no different than having a mission statement . . . one that is inspiring and truly worthwhile.

Here’s the video again, if you haven’t seen it before. And even if you have, it is worth revisiting from time to time.

I hope this revisiting of my random thoughts hasn’t been entirely off the wall boring. I do like giving you food for thought when I seem to be struggling to make my life work and to understand why I’m feeling so overwhelmed.

It’s easy to let go of things when you realize how they’re dragging you down.

Getting to that point has been a struggle for me.

I wish you all the best during this Christmas season for you and your family,