Meet Chuckles — Free Printable

A paper skull doesn’t give me that creepy feeling that I get with the ones that are formed from some plastic concoction . . . I hope it’s some plastic concoction and not the real thing, but it makes me wonder. . . they do look and feel real. Yeah, like I would know.

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I’ve named him Chuckles, because as I’m looking at him from over my laptop, he is happy about something. I’m sure I don’t want to know. The joke may be on me.

He may be anticipating visiting you at your house sometime very soon.

Here are the Free Templates to print out on heavy white cardstock:

Print out the Instructions on regular paper.

Chuckles Assembly Instructions


Optional Base

Chuckles doesn’t like the base, he likes to be “free standing” in all his skullness.

I wonder if he’d like to visit my dentist. Chuckles is a true testimonial to brushing and flossing after each meal and limited sugary snacks.

I have a great Haunted House I’d like to share with you with free templates. It’s a true treasure with a secret chamber.  The construction is quite involved, but well worth the effort.

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