30 Day Challenge

Are you up for a challenge?


What do you think?

Can you do it? Do you want to do it?

I know being more positive does change your life for the better. Even after the 30 days, you may find you want to continue. It’s much like replacing one bad habit with a better choice.

Remember, you don’t have to do all of them, just one . . . or a couple for 30 days.

Some of them don’t seem that difficult to do. And, the choice is yours. You may have a book you’ve been wanting to read . . . just start by reading it for 5 minutes per day. You can always read longer, but you have to continue for the 30 days. A really easy one is to say each morning upon awaking, “Today is going to be an awesome day!” You could do that for 30 days. I find it fun to look for the awesomeness of the day. It could be a beautiful day. It could be that you accomplished many things. It could be you met someone . . . or you learned something new . . .

There is good that can come from this exercise. Even a little exercise, nothing outrageous, just taking a walk. You could watch the 5 funny YouTube videos . . . stop listening to the news . . . meditate . . . how about the gratitude journal . . .

This is a good list of things you could do, but more importantly, choose something you would like to do for 30 days. Then see if things are changing for the better in your life. There will be subtle changes . . . you’ll have a new perspective, perhaps . . . you may be smiling more . . . you may feel happier. Little things may not get you down as they did before . . . It would be beneficial to write down any changes you’ve noticed while you’re participating in this challenge.

Have fun and let me know how this worked for you.