Time Flies When You’re Busy

It’s so true . . . but no excuses!

All last week I thought about posting here . . . but with the turn in the weather to HOT . . . and playing around with paper strips . . . time just flew by.

It’s fun to learn something new and to be motivated to finish projects I’ve started . . . and never finished.quilledballoons

I’ve been giving my paper crafting a lot of thought and have been doing a lot of research, too. Just when I think I’m getting a handle on the topic . . . something new is added and blows me away. So, I’ve been busy learning . . . getting confused . . . refocusing . . . 

My learning curve is as loopy as the paper strips I’m curing and twirling . . .

And I got thinking that maybe focusing upon a theme would help . . . it has to a degree . . . but it’s much like window shopping. You’re focused until something catches your eye and attention and you’re off chasing butterflies . . .

I’ve enjoyed spring . . . and I’m determined to enjoy summer . . .

Although it officially hasn’t arrived . . . but the weather has given me summer heat . . . that I’m determined to enjoy . . . under the air conditioning.

I do run my errands early in the morning . . . working on that schedule to be home when the heat of the day sets in. I’m basically a fair weather girl. I like to be comfortable . . . and a bit cooler is preferred.

In my research . . . I came across a woman who makes miniature food charms . . . and one of her very popular pieces is s’mores . . . she’s made the graham cracker charms and chocolate charms and marshmallow charms, but the completed s’mores is what sells out . . .

So, this got me thinking . . .

Yes, about s’mores . . .

I’ve posted lots of s’more recipes in the past . . . but what is so great is coming up with your own combinations . . .

I’ve had one where you put the ingredients in a sugar cone/waffle cone wrap it in foil and set it on the grill or in the oven . . .

So, far that one seems to be my favorite because you can make them throughout the year. And they’re not all that messy . . . well . . . yes they can be.

campfire2And, this does get me thinking about the taste of summer . . . and it may very well be the original version of s’more . . . The one we grew up on . . . the one that everyone knows and loves . . . Every well-planned camping trip includes a box of graham crackers, Hershey chocolate bars and a bag of marshmallows.

And while driving to your destination . . . visions of a camp fire come to mind and making s’mores . . . and more importantly visualizing taking that first bite of your gooey s’more . . . being careful not to have the whole thing slide into your lap or down the front of your shirt/blouse.

Yes, indeed this is a common taste of summer that we crave from year to year . . .

There is something positive to be said about the traditional way of making s’mores . . . and creating your own variation on them . . . that brings something special to your camping trip or outdoor cookout . . . and don’t forget the ghost stories and urban legends.

Thanks for stopping by!


Terra Cotta Pot Mini Campfire

Some People Are So Clever!

Line a terra cotta pot with aluminium foil, put in some charcoal, light it and you have a mini campfire where you can roast marshmallows . . . or make some s’mores . . . or make a delicious sugar cone filled with fruit and chocolate and marshmallows . . . heat it on your mini campfire . . . FlowerPotCampFire

While you’re enjoying your delicious treat, you can tell some wonderful ghost stories . . .

Plus you can surprise Dad with this for Father’s Day!

And, once you do this . . . you’ve found the go-to-treat your family will ask for all summer long.

Be sure to be responsible with adult supervision. You don’t want to have a huge fire, even if you use a larger terra cotta pot . . . you just need enough heat to melt the chocolate and the marshmallows.

Sugar Cone or Waffle Cone Delicious Summer Treat Recipe

yummy-campfire-cones-for-summer-dessert-hip2save-comThis will be easy for you to make and find all the ingredients . . . it’s just stuff you love and would like to have all melted together into a cone.

You can make these on the grill after BBQ-ing, on a campfire and even in the oven . . . I kind of like that idea — a delicious treat that can be made throughout the year — just a thought.

It is quite clever to use a waffle cone in place of the graham crackers in the original s’mores tradition.

I wonder about adding some chopped nuts . . . or if this would be chewy enough with the cone . . . or adding some broken up pieces of graham cracker . . . or even cookie pieces . . .

These will definitely be easier to put together and have stay together from the first to last bite.

Here is a list of suggested ingredients — be sure to add some items of your own — and delete some as well:

  • marshmallows
  • Reese’s peanut butter cups
  • chocolate bar pieces
  • Rolos
  • butterscotch chips
  • chocolate chips
  • banana slices
  • sliced raspberries 
  • sliced strawberries


  1. Fill the cone with desired amounts of marshmallow and other ingredients.
  2. Cover the cone with aluminium foil.
  3. Place over the campfire for about 3-5 minutes or on a heated grill for 5-6 minutes or in the oven at 375° F for about 5=8 minutes. You want the toppings melted.
  4. Enjoy the warm and gooey melted feast of chocolate. marshmallow and fruit pieces.

This is definitely a winner . . . something I can see offering throughout the summer . . . into the fall . . . and winter, too!

I hope you’ll try these out and see how it works for you.

Until next time,