Paper Craft Coffee Mug Tutorial

I can’t tell you how many coffee mug or tea cup tutorials I’ve watched . . .

And each one has something I’m not thrilled about . . . until now!!!

Yes, I have finally found a great paper craft coffee mug for just about any occasion that makes excellent hostess gifts for weddings, showers and just about any celebration . . .

I definitely like to have something to put in a bag of goodies.

This is truly excellent for any celebration . . . we always have a mug of something to drink from time to time . . . coffee, tea, hot chocolate . . .

Here’s the video . . . then I’ll ramble on a bit more . . .

These are easy to make without any die cuts or punches or whatever . . . Yes, you can use stamps to make the gift tag and the colored pens . . . or just do it your way . . . that’s why you made the mug in the first place.

I was thinking about curling the handle a bit before attaching, but this did come together quite nicely without that added step. Now, did you get the dimensions for the mug and handle? You’ll need two pieces of two-sided decorator paper of your choice the larger (mug) piece is 8 and 1/4 inches by 4 and 1/2 inches. And the handle piece is 1 inch by 4 and 1/2 inches.

There’s scoring . . . starting with what you want for the bottom of your mug . . . just so the pattern of your paper is going the right way . . . score at 1 and 1/2 inches. Then turn your paper so the pattern is upright (check the video) and score at every inch: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Just follow along with the video . . . pause if necessary and you’ll be able to crank out these mugs while watching television or listening to music. If, you’re lucky, you may get the family involved . . .

You can embellish them or keep them relatively plain . . . it all depends upon the occasion and what you have available to make these mugs stand out . . . I’m always pleased to see these placed on a shelf . . . because they’re too pretty to throw out.

I do hope you found this video informative and helpful . . . you can place all kinds of goodies in them with or without a separate bag . . .

These would be great for Easter . . . maybe putting something inside that wouldn’t be a sugary treat . . . there are plenty of little things that would be appropriate . . .

This should give you a few ideas . . . and to think ahead for the next holiday . . . or celebration you have on your personal calendar.

Have fun and happy crafting!


Doctor Who DR142 Disappearing Tardis Coffee Mug

All Doctor Who TardisĀ fans, here is a coffee mug that is great for work!

Pour in hot liquids and watch the Tardis disappear, only to reappear in space.

This is a ceramic standard 11 oz. mug that will definitely get people talking as you carry your Dr Who Tardis Heat Reveal Mug into the break room, then pour in the hot coffee or hot water for tea. People absolutely won’t be able to take their eyes off your coffee mug . . . so you better keep a tight grip on it or it may just disappear.

The only solution I can give you is to buy several and give them as gifts for your co-workers.

It’s a wonderful gift item for any and all Doctor Who Tardis Fans or not. Excellent novelty item that will thrill all who receive it.

I’m stocking up to give as hostess gifts for my next party.

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