Thanksgiving Paper Crafts You Can Make

Free Paper Craft Templates for Thanksgiving are an excellent way to decorate and get the kids involved, too.

The turkey, Indians and Pilgrims are a bit boxy, but they all go together to make a beautiful centerpiece or mantle decoration.

Let’s get started, shall we:

Isn’t this a handsome fellow? I’m thinking about having a whole bunch of these to adorn various nooks and crannies in the house. After all, this is our guest of honor . . . Click Here

 This Native American Boy and Pilgrim Girl are a wonderful pair to adorn your table or any place that brightens the Thanksgiving season. Click Here

And here we have a Native American Girl and Pilgrim Boy. This completes a beautiful display you can make with your children. Click Here

There’s an added bonus with this free template . . .

Well, there you have a wonderful Thanksgiving collection you can display and share with family and friends. I have one more image to show you, just for fun:

Happy Thanksgiving!