Clowns, Oh Wow Clowns!

Hummm … Clowns …

I can get into the colorful makeup and costumes … But there is something unnatural about covering your face … Especially with a painted on grin … Yeah the creep factor is alive and well …

This seems like a diaster ready to happen … In my experience with clowns, it’s as though they don’t know when enough is enough … What’s fun to them may be considered mean-spirited to another … Kind of like a bully … but this one has its face covered … It’s just freaky to me …

Haunted Clown Motel Paranormal Investigation


I Honestly Couldn’t Imagine Going To A Clown Museum … Much Less A Haunted One

t a Motel … Near a Graveyard … 

Since watching this video, the creep factor has gone away a bit regarding clowns generally … but I’ve never really been a fan of circuses or carnavels … Not into all the noise and the smells of nature ..

I may just be too much of a city girl … but I do enjoy walking around an old cemetery … I’ve even gone to ghosts towns … And into known haunted locations … I’m no ghost hunter … nor paranormal investigator … I generally don’t like getting scared … but I do enjoy the adventures of others.

I’m curious to know if you are into clowns or find them scary … Leave me a comment below.

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Abandoned With Everything Left Behind

I’m Always Curious About Abandoned Places

Too often there is a disturbing story that does along with it … A home invasion or a family member did the unthinkable to their family …

In such cases it may be understandable why remaining family members would not collect the belongings … Too heartbreaking … Especially where children are involved …

It would, however, be interesting to hear from the spirits in the house … But I don’t know about wanting to take home any of the items left behind …



We’ve All Heard Stories Or Seen Movies Where Whole Families Have Been Scared Out Of Their Homes

Leaving everything behind and not bothering to get their belongings at a later date.

I love antiques. I’m beginning to wonder if there are people who visit abandoned places or purchase them and collect all the items left behind to sell …

Sometimes people sell haunted items … and claim they are haunted. The thing that surprises me is that there are buyers for this haunted merchandise.

I do wonder if it comes from such places …

I hope you enjoyed this post … and will leave me a comment about your thoughts regarding haunted objects/items.


Crazy Ritual Urban Legend Gone Wrong

There Are All Kinds Of Urban Legends As Well As Scary Rituals People Perform …

Below I have two videos of the LaLlorona Legend. They were both taken the same night, but with different perspectives.

It is quite a sad legend of a woman who was married to a wealthy man and they had twins, a boy and a girl. When the wife/mother found that her husband had been unfaithful she did the unthinkable — she drowned her children … Now she is cursed for eternity searching for them …

There is another part of the legend that I don’t know is actually true (You know how urban legends seem to be expanded over the years). It is said that LaLlorona searches for children. When she finds one that is not her own … she eats it … Mothers tell their children of this legend to keep them safe whenever they are near lakes.

Another creepy thing is when you hear a woman scream, run for your life!!

Video Searching For La Llorona:


Same Night, Different Perspective:


It’s Always Good To Be Able To See Ghost Hunters In Action.

I don’t believe it is wise to summon urban legends or to perform a ritual when you’re not completely sure what you’re doing. But we all get caught up in doing something different — usually with the best of intentions.

It seems Ghost Hunting is dangerous enough — we usually don’t know what we’ll find … or what will find us …

In the videos above there were sounds and paranormal activity — perhaps some things could be explained, but then there were others … Perhaps being scared out in the woods and maybe even lost was a bit of an issue. I just know that I wouldn’t want to be out in the woods during the wee morning hours. But … if you live for adventure and getting scared silly … By all means do what makes you happy.

Thanks for stopping by. This was a bit different kind of Real Ghost Story. I thought it was worthwhile to share. 

Let me know what you think in the comments below.


Annoying Ghost

This has been some weekend with Halloween Parties . . . and All Hollows Eve is still a few days away …

I don’t know about trick-or-treat-ers running around the neighborhood.

I have noticed there are some strange things going on … last week and over the weekend … This is the reason for sharing this real ghost story with you.

And, I don’t have an explanation as to the strange paranormal experiences others are having … the veil must have lifted to a degree … or our imaginations are on overdrive …

Everyone has quirks. My friend Joan has a thing for leaving doors and cabinets half open.

Doors are to be either opened or closed. Cabinets, she prefers to have closed, drawers, too.

Everyday when she came home from work, doors were half open, cabinets half open, and drawers pulled out.

She decided she had a ghost that was messing with her.

A few days later, at work, she noticed her desk drawers were opened, the door to her office was half open and the filing cabinet drawers were opened and pulled out. She locked her office, desk and file cabinet before leaving. It was something she did every evening as did others in the office.

The janitorial service the company used would lock the doors of the offices. All the employees had separate keys to their desks and file cabinets.

Joan lived alone and no one had keys to her house.

When Joan’s sister, Holly, accepted her invitation to visit the following weekend, Joan asked her to bring her ghost hunting equipment with her.

Holly arrived with her ghost hunting team late that Friday night. Some were going to investigate the office and others Joan’s house.

Joan accompanied half the group to the office (three others) and Holly stayed at the house to investigate with the other half of the group (also three members).

At each location cameras were set up. They also had EMF sensors (also referred to as The Ghost Meter).

They both saw what they believed to be poltergeist activity opening doors and drawers. It appeared to be almost earthquake activity of doors swinging freely half opened or half closed and the drawers made jumping movements — not smooth openings. The kitchen cabinets swung open smoothly and adjusted to closing halfway.

It was all quite odd.

The group decided to do some research about both locations.

The strange thing was that both Joan’s house and the office building were once owned by the same man in the 1920’s. He was an attorney who was rumored to have poisoned his wife so he could marry his secretary. It does seem fitting that she would haunt both locations, but why Joan’s office and not the one used by her former husband?

With more research and consulting a psychic it was uncovered that the annoying ghost had once worked in the office Joan occupied before her marriage.

As has often been believed that poison is a woman’s means of murder, the psychic reasoned the annoying ghost was slowly poisoning her husband, but he discovered her putting cyanide in his food and drink and would switch plates and glasses with hers. So, in the end she poisoned herself.

It is a strange tale, but why was she taunting Joan who was not a relative and how did she know of Joan’s quirk of not liking doors, cabinets and drawers half or partly opened?

The simple answer is observation. This is how she decided to get Joan’s attention.

The annoying ghost didn’t stay with Joan much longer after the truth was uncovered. Did she want Joan to believe her husband poisoned her? Or to acknowledge that she actually poisoned herself?

Does the truth set one free?

Joan still lives in the same house and works in the same office. She thinks of the annoying spirit from time to time and wonders if she’ll return.

She’s relieved that the ghost only messed with her obsession and didn’t try to poison her.

I hope you enjoyed this real ghost story. I did. It had a happy ending … and gave us a bit of insight into the paranormal.

I’m always searching for answers or some insight into the realm of the paranormal … I’m not so much in getting the wits scared out of me … that has happened, but not something I seek …

I do hope this Halloween Season you and your family will be safe …

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The Lizzy Borden Story

Lizzy Borden’s life and trial have been discussed over the years with divided beliefs of her guilt in murdering her father and step-mother that fateful day in August, 1892.

In 1975 there was a movie made with a possible means of how Lizzy Borden committed the crimes and was able to leave no evidence behind for the authorities to find.

I got caught up in it once again by watching a variety of YouTube videos to get a clear picture of what happened. My quest started when I watched a Paranormal Investigation of the Lizzy Borden Bed and Breakfast.

But for this post, I believe it is best to begin with a documentary of Lizzy Borden.

It’s always important to discover what was going on in the Borden residence prior to the murders.

Each documentary brings forth evidence regarding Lizzy, but is that the complete story?

I do like the dramatization of this documentary . .. but some aspects of the story seem to be left out . . . Lizzy and her thoughts and feelings.

Later on you’ll hear some EVPs that state Lizzy was “spoiled”. Wouldn’t that indicate that she always got her way and thus would have no reason to murder her step-mother and father?

And what is the truth . . . something we’ll never know for sure.

Lizzy Borden Documentary:

Did Lizzy murder her step-mother and father? Was it motivated by greed?

Given the “personal” nature of the attacks, it seems likely Lizzy Borden did do the deadly deed . . . But what is the truth?

Paranormal Investigators FAM and Lou Rock decided to visit the Bed and Breakfast to see what they could learn from the haunting that seems to be taking place.

There is definitely some creepy stuff going on and the spirit box EVPs do give one a bit of a chill.

The Paranormal Investigation Video

What do you think?

There were definite disturbances in the basement.

It has been documented that Mr. Borden had once been in the furniture business and later became a mortician.

However, there is no evidence that he conducted any “mortuary” business in his home or that his home had ever been a mortuary.

That would be too easy to explain the “hauntings” . . . Yet, I do wonder what spirits came into the house when the home across the street had been burned own. It is said children came to stay, but was there more?

Did something evil come into the house — maybe possessing Lizzy?

No offense to these paranormal investigators, but I decided to go a bit farther and wanted to see what Amy Allan and the Dead Files had to say about Lizzy Borden and the house that was turned into a Bed and Breakfast.

This took a bit of a turn to my way of thinking.

It does shed more light on Mr. Borden and how he ran his home.

Dead Files Investigate The Lizzy Borden House

What wasn’t Amy revealing?

Lizzy Borden Documentary:

Does this add clarity or muddy the water a bit more?

I believe more information is necessary in the form of another documentary.

This documentary discusses Lizzy’s life after the trial and how she and her sister did move to a mansion on the hill. Lizzy named it Maplecroft and this was where she could live a lavish life — evidently the life her father could afford, but didn’t want to live — even for the future welfare of his daughters.

It also debunks Lizzy’s killing of animals in order to hold a funeral — and all the implications associated with harming animals to a criminal mind.

Yet, what is behind the statement that Lizzy was “peculiar” or “odd” what was the evidence of this? Was it how she was raised . . . yet she did church work . . . or was this after the trial? Or was this because of her shoplifting?

You can decide later what is truly relevant and what isn’t in order to seek the truth about Lizzy Borden and the murders of 1892.

In light of all of this . . . I’m wondering . . .

Emma may have had a lot of resentment of having to care for her sister, or she may have welcomed it.

Yet both women didn’t have the opportunity to meet gentlemen and back then, the only way for a woman to leave home was to marry. So, both Lizzy and Emma may have resented their father for not allowing them to attend fancy balls or for their father to host one.

Without a mother — a true mother who would have seen to it that her daughters were given every opportunity to meet suitable suitors, these women were really nothing more than house servants in their own home.

If there had been “abuse” in the home, then it seems reasonable Mr. Borden would want to hold a tight rein on his daughters — to keep his secret . . . or was it the sister’s secret . . . or was something else at play in the house . . . 

I can understand how Lizzy Borden could have gone “mad” . . . but why continue living in that small town — or did Lizzy Borden have something to prove to the townfolk?

And what did she prove?

I would suggest that instead of asking Lizzy if she did the crime, why not ask her for her story and who she was with her goals and aspirations . . . Her feelings of how everything went terribly wrong . . .

I believe there is more to this story. And I believe this rings true with the second Biographical Documentary. There are definitely more questions that haven’t been answered.

Yet I do believe, too, that Lizzy and others who “haunt” the bed and breakfast are tired of being asked the same questions over and over again . . . and may just say “yes” to commiting the murders in order to be done with it.

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But wait . . .

And what could be said for Maplecroft — Lizzy’s last known residence?

Surely Lizzy Borden would haunt that place moreso than the residence where her father and step-mother were murdered.

I would definitely not want to haunt the old house, but haunt my home, the home where I was free to live and entertain as I pleased.

I would think Mr. & Mrs. Borden would haunt the bed and breakfast and Lizzy would haunt Maplecroft . . . but what do I know . . .


A beautiful place, but I don’t know if I’d like to live there.

I don’t know about operating a bed and breakfast out of Maplecroft Mansion, but I think a quaint little paranormal bookstore would be lovely selling crystals and other items of interest.

I wouldn’t really want to do seances in the home other than to discuss Lizzy’s life without mentioning the murders.

As I mentioned earlier, I believe the Lizzy Borden story is a lot more interesting than the murders and the trial.

I’m going a bit soft on thinking of buying such a house with a history . . . it could be a selling point or drop the price down . . . I do wonder what stories this house has to tell . . . since there were several previous owners . . .

Just something to think about . . .

Thanks for indulging me in my search for the Lizzy Borden story.