How Often Do You Take Pictures?

I’m sure for many of you, it is an everyday thing.

We are very fortunate to have smart phones handy to snap a picture whenever necessary . . . but sometimes we want a camera that is a bit larger and does a whole lot more.

I know many of you may be thinking you don’t want a big bulky camera that is difficult to use.

I’ve never been a great photographer, but I do appreciate a great photograph.

When we’re out and about, there are plenty of interesting homes, buildings, fountains . . . an isolated park bench that catches our eye . . .

As they say . . . A picture is worth a thousand words . . .

There are stories to tell . . . histories to discover . . . or to make up from your own thoughts and feelings about a setting or a structure . . .

There are plenty of books about photography . . . but the best “teacher” is getting out and taking pictures. I love the digital cameras, allowing me to take hundreds of pictures of just about everything . . . and perhaps capturing one that is perfect to my eye and imagination.

Yes, there are numerous technical terms you can use about capturing the light and who knows what . . . You will know when you capture a feeling in your image . . . a feeling that seems to speak to you . . .

I live in an area where there are hundreds, if not thousands of old homes . . . mansions, actually . . . most of them are in excellent shape and behind gates . . . People do enjoy their privacy. But sometimes, you can get a glimpse of them . . . and with the right camera, you can be far enough away, but zoom in to capture the essence of the place.

I’m all for not trespassing. I want people to have their privacy . . . I value my own within my own property . . . so, from across the street or on a sidewalk, I can take pictures of homes, cars, a pile of rocks . . . whatever interests me when I’m out.

I do have an interest in abandoned places . . . not to go inside . . . but to capture the weathered siding . . . the broken bricks . . . seeing how nature captures an old house by growing not just on the outside, but moving right on in . . .

Are there beautiful pictures waiting for you to take?

Here are some cameras you may find helpful . . . and some books, too:

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