Thinking About “Clue”

Retro Series Clue 1986 Edition Board Game

When I was a kid, summertime meant getting all the neighborhood kids together in the afternoon to meet on the front porch with their favorite board game. I guess our front porch was the largest or the most centrally located for our house to be so designated “board game central” . . . That worked out fine, I was never late to a game 🙂

Years later, in my adult years, I had friends who loved board games and we would get together to play one of their favorites. And one that was front and center quite a bit was none other than Clue. I guess we fancied ourselves as detectives or just liked the idea of figuring out “whodunit”. Win or lose, it was always fun.

Clue — The Movie

The board game was campy and rediculous at times . . . Then there was The Movie . . . It really brought the whole concept to life and I don’t know anyone who didn’t love it.

I’m sure you’ve seen it or heard about it . . . if not, you’re in for a fun evening with friends . . . And pick up the game, too.

Let’s view the trailer.

Once you’ve seen the movie . . . or played the game, you’ll want to get to know the characters a bit better . . . I know people who relate to the different characters as their alter-ego . . . I know I do have some strange friends.

Let’s take a look at playing the game of Clue.


Well, there you have it . . . everything you could possibly need to know about Clue . . . Except if you and your family would enjoy the game . . .

There’s only one way to find out . . . A family game night is a great thing to get the family together without all the electronic devices. It’s a good time to have family time and to work together in playing a game, putting together a jigsaw puzzle or just sitting and talking or enjoying a movie . . . 

I do hope you’ll check out the game and the movie . . . click one of the links above or go off on your own with one of the links below.

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