Are Small Towns Creepy?

Have you noticed all the strange things that happen in small towns?

It’s mostly in movies and fiction.smalltown

It seems a wonderful theme for a series of books or a series for cable. There have been particular sections of towns or streets that have been made famous on film and in literature. There’s always a secret . . . or some mysterious disappearance . . . and the return of someone after 15 years . . . and things start happening again . .

Everyone knows everyone’s business . . . and the family secrets . . . or individual secrets . . .

I do love books and series about small towns.

It makes it easy to keep track of the characters . . . and the interlocking nature of relationships and interactions.

I wouldn’t like everyone knowing my business . . . not that my personal business is all that interesting . . . We’ve all . . . most of us at any rate, have gone through “embarrassing moments” while growing up. They’re not a big deal anymore now, but I wouldn’t want others to remind me of them.

I’m sure you or someone you know did something stupid or embarrassing years ago . . . There are many fortunate people who have gone through life without any “embarrassing moments.” I’m truly happy for them.

But these small town secrets or mysteries stem from all sorts of things . . . ghosts, UFOs . . . family legacy . . . And authors capitalize on them and the public eats them up.

I like the ghost angle, not so much into UFOs, but anything is possible. The family legacy or a family curse is interesting . . . I’m not into real creepy stuff, but many times it involves woods and something out in those woods . . .

So, I made a mental note not to live in or near “the woods” or in a place or even a street name that is suggestive of a known legendary place.

I’ve been watching this series about a woman who returns home . . . not on purpose, but because she was drawn there . . . missed time . . . found herself in her hometown where an “incident” happened.

The town folk don’t want her around, but she’s staying . . . to find out what’s going on. And what happened 14 or 15 years ago . . .

I got sucked in . . .

This got me thinking about “small towns” and the many books I’ve read and movies I’ve watched.

It is kind of creepy when you stop to think about it.

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