Silly Street — The Award Winning Game Review

Silly Street gets you up and moving and being creative and just plain silly.

This sounds like a fun game to have to play this summer!

The game consists of:

  • 1 40 inch puzzle board
  • 55 silly cards
  • 4 wood game pieces
  • 1 cotton storage bag

This is an excellent game for building confidence, communication skills and uses imagination to continue moving down Silly Street.

It’s a good family game for preschool and up. It’s a game grownups like to play, too.

The game begins by drawing a card and performing the action to move the game piece down the silly street game board. Some of the tasks include:

  • making up stories about characters in silly situations
  • finding and explaining things on the board
  • contests between players
  • acting out animals doing silly things

I do recommend this game for a fun family game night and for children to play together.

I usually can’t buy just one game, so here are some helpful links:

This should get things going on the right foot. I always liked playing games with the neighbor kids during the summer. We’d play on the front porch and sometimes indoors, but we had a great time being outdoors and playing a variety of games. This might be a fun summer tradition to begin in your neighborhood.

Or maybe a regular family game night is something you’re into or would like to begin. I enjoyed playing card games with family as a kid and as an adult. It’s a fun way of spending quality family time.

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