Spirit Communication

Have You Been Thinking About Getting A Pendulum To Communicate With Loved Ones?

Pendulums have become popular for communicating with spirits.

There are some who put pendulums in the same category as Ouija Boards and recommend staying away from them. If you choose to use a pendulum to contact your spirit guides here are some guidelines:

1. Before using your pendulum for the first time, it is important to cleanse it. This is easily done by holding it under running water for a few seconds then patting it dry with a soft cloth.

2.  It is important to center yourself before beginning. Take a few cleansing breaths, clear your mind and address your spirit guide. It is worthwhile to ask for guidance and protection.

3. You will be asking “yes” or “no” questions. I usually begin by asking my spirit guide to show me the symbol for “yes” and then the symbol for “no.” I hold my pendulum in one hand with the chain between my thumb and index finger. I steady my arm by resting my elbow on the table.  Some people believe that a “yes” answer swings in a vertical direction and “no” in a horizontal direction, but I have found it varies from time to time with the spirit guide I’m contacting and is not always consistent. Some go clockwise or counter clockwise, sometimes at an angle or in circles. There are no set rules — that’s why I ask before I begin.

4. Before I begin a session, I write down a series of “yes” and “no” questions. Sometimes I do go off script by an answer I receive. I do not have any preconceived notion of what answer I will receive. Some people like to “test” the pendulum for accuracy by making statements like: My name is . . .  or My address is . . .  these can be true or false statements giving you a “yes” or “no” answer. I would stay clear of times like Today is Wednesday, [date] because time and space have no meaning to spirit. You may say My favorite time of year is . . . or My favorite color is . . . or My favorite food is . . . or My child’s name is . . .

5. It is important to close your session with a thank you and statement that you are finished. It could be a good bye or an amen. Just be sure it is clear that the session is over and closed.

You don’t need to buy a pendulum.

I have used a key or ring on a string or chain. Some people like to use a piece of paper with a circle with a horizontal line cutting it in half and a vertical line to cut the circle in fourths. It is up to you.

Some people have found it difficult to get the pendulum to move or respond to questions or statements. It is a matter of becoming familiar with your pendulum and relaxing. At the beginning, I would limit such sessions to no more than 5 minutes. I would also use different pendulums to find one that works for you.

Using a pendulum can be useful, but I would keep notes as to the accuracy. There are many factors that could interfere with the answers you receive. You may be thinking “yes” and your subconscious would direct the pendulum to swing in the affirmative.

It is a good idea not to jump to conclusions, especially if you desire a certain outcome. It is also common sense not to ask the pendulum questions that you can decide on your own.

Disclaimer: This article is for entertainment purposes only. It is not to take the place of medical or legal advice. It is not to be relied upon exclusively — common sense should be used. You must take responsibility for the decisions you make in relying on the answers received from your pendulum.

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