For All You Wild And Crazy Shoppers!

After my last post creeped me out . . . I’ve been focusing on fun stuff.

I may have reviewed these stamp sets before, but they’re worth revisiting! I absolutely love them!

They’re from Art Impressions and they’re called “Girlfriends.” I believe most of you can relate . . . if they don’t remind you of you and your friends . . . maybe your mother, aunt . . . grandmother . . . or those ladies you see out shopping everywhere!

Yes, the creators of this set have it all together . . . they always make me laugh.

It doesn’t matter what they’re doing, they’re having a good time!

Something I need to remember. Everything can be fun . . . even housework with the proper outlook. I don’t mind dusting as much as I used to . . .

It’s always fun to add a bit of humor in everything you do . . . Yes, even going to the dentist.

These are quite popular stamps. They’re at the movies wearing those funky 3-D glasses and at the beauty shop and acting like kids . . . which we enjoy doing from time to time.

I do encourage you to check these out . . . some other ones may catch your eye:

I could definitely go on and on . . . Sorry the links show a sideways picture, but that’s how they’re packaged . . . I believe you’re in for a real treat while looking through these stamp sets. You can make some lovely cards and art projects with these . . . good enough to frame and put on your wall or give to a friend or relative. Oh, you’ll need some markers and stamp mounts and stamp pads . . .

These Copic Markers are all the craze with stampers! I added them so you could check them out! I like colored pencils — the ones can be brushed with a damp paintbrush and blended out nicely. If you go that route, maybe some watercolor paper would be helpful.

Have fun!

Thanks for stopping by!