Paper Quilling

Do you know about quilling?

I heard about it several years ago, but didn’t think much of it . . . until now.quilling

I got thinking about the layering of paper many crafters do. Then I wondered how quilling could be a part of that, especially when it involves 3-D objects. And the ability of designing them out of paper.

The rolling of paper and manipulating it into different shapes is absolutely amazing as in the picture on the right. Quilling does allow the image to come out of the paper background without the use of pop-dots or foam dots. It is truly a unique way of layering paper.

It is quite lovely, but I was looking for something more . . .

I’ve worked with clay in the past with a kiln and all that, but with paper . . . that would truly be amazing.

This is when I discovered quilling could be the answer. Strips of paper rolled up with several layers of thin strips of paper could be shaped in such a way as to make 3-D objects.quilledgraduates

I’ve been mesmerized for the past few days . . .It is truly amazing what can be created from rolled up strips of paper. They don’t have to be glued to a piece of paper. They can stand alone . . . and they can be dressed up with paper . . . it is truly amazing what can be created with these strips of paper.

Take a good look at these graduates . . . front and back . . .

The nose is the center of the rolled up strip of paper. Eyes were added and they do have a smile . . . The hair is paper as are all the other elements.

Quilling isn’t as popular as it once was . . . if it was ever truly popular . . . There are many crafters who make quilled earrings. This is has been a nice business for them. Some make up pictures and use quilling to make them pop out.

I love this 3-D art concept of quilling. You don’t really need that many tools and the supplies are relatively inexpensive compared to other hobbies . . . but the reward you receive by creating these 3-D objects is absolutely priceless.

I was on a website earlier today where a woman made a whole family of minions. She loves them . . . Each one is different, she says . . . of course they are . . . each one is made separately! They would have their own personality given the number of eyes and how their arms and legs have settled . . . Just as these graduates. The girls are holding flowers . . . the hair is different and the way they wear their cap is a bit different . . .

And even the tassels on their cap is a bit different. And, their hands and feet and legs could be a little different as well as their bodies.

The thing is, once you get started, you’re hooked and you continue to make more and more. It is a learning process . . . and we always enjoy doing what we do well . . . and tweak it a bit.

I do love the attention to detail . . . front and back that this allows you to make. And they are solid — not hollow.

The woman I spoke of earlier with her minions, well she sold some. I think this was a good thing at the time, but she did enjoy looking at them and even playing with them. This does bring the kid out in you. Which I believe is definitely a good thing. Also the fact that she sold some of her minions, gave her an opportunity to make more.

The surprising thing is that she was able to make her minion invasion in about a week . . . It does take time to make each one, but the time spent is thoroughly enjoyable. And one leads to another and another . . . until you have more than you know what to do with . . . but they are small and will fit nicely in a shoebox . . .

Here are some quilling tools and materials you may find helpful . . . if you want to try it out:

I do hope this blog post was enjoyable and gave you something to think about. Maybe try your hand at this quilling craft.

Until next time,