Blooming Tea — Organic

I do wonder how “Blooming Organic Tea” would sound over the string attached to two cans . . . 

Most of you have played with two cans on a string and your conclusion would be “it doesn’t work” . . . but it isn’t about it “working”, it’s about the fun . . . and for me, the fun is looking into things that intrigue me . . . and to share it with you.

This is never going to be a “niche” website where all I talk about is one thing . . . I go with the flow of what interests or intrigues me at the moment . . .

Right now it is about spring . . . and using my five senses to create the concept of spring . . . to see it, to hear it, to feel it, to smell it . . . and to taste it . . . 

All you need to know about this tea: 

  • Blooming Tea
  • 7 Organic All Natural Flavors of Flowing Tea
  • 100% Organic Calendula Flowers and Green Tea Leaves in Hand Sewn Blooming Tea Balls
  • from Kiss Me Organics
  • 7 Blooms – One of Each

I believe they are very attractive and taste good . . . and will impress the dickens out of your guests when you serve it at your next get-together!

The flavors include:

  • Cherry
  • Peach
  • Strawberry
  • Blackcurrant
  • Raspberry
  • Sugar Melon
  • Cactus Meon

The tea contains natural levels of caffeine and L-Theaine providing calm energy and focus.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to purchase an elegant tea pot for brewing and serving your organic blooming teas.

I do love tea pots!!

Here is a lovely selection:

Just as a bit of a recap . . .  Blooming Tea:

  • Supports Fat Loss
  • Provides Focused Energy
  • 7 Delicious All-Natural Flavors
  • Organic & Lab Tested
  • Gorgeous To Watch
  • The Only Blooming Tea With 100% Organic Flower

Be the first in your circle of friends and family to introduce this beautiful, healthy and delicious tea.

Thanks for stopping by!