Super Hero Easter Eggs Free Printable


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What fun to make your Easter Eggs look like your favorite super heroes! Just glue them on your eggs. If you want them to stand, you’ll need to make strips of decorative paper to make them. These masks are scaled to fit large eggs.

Click the image to download the Super Hero Masks.

How about Dyed Minion Easter Eggs?


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It’s amazing what you can do with egg dye, googly eyes, black string and a sharpie marking pen.

How about these Ninja Turtles?



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Dye them, get some ribbon and googly eyes and you’re in business!!

I’m sure your imagination is running over-time. I’m thinking about using some of the Halloween templates and making some spooky Easter Eggs. You may even want Santa and his elves. I think anything goes when it comes to decorating Easter Eggs. It’s all about having fun!!

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