What’s In Your Trash?

Trash is on my mind because I’ve been wrestling with the barrels.

In front of every house on the street is a house waste barrel, a yard waste barrel and perhaps the recycling barrel. trashbarrels

This signifies the bulk of your eating and cleaning up your yard for the week.

What conclusions can be drawn from this?

I don’t go into the barrels on the street. Once in a while you do see one that has been dumped . . . do you look or glance away? Of course you look! You see the egg shells, a bacon container wrapper . . . a frozen dinner or two carton . . . a frozen pie container . . . cereal boxes . . . You may learn they use soy milk . . . or other interesting things.

Have you noticed that when two barrels have been dumped side-by-side, one is yours and the other a neighbor that you can distinguish your trash from that of your neighbor . . . egg shells pretty much look alike . . . but you know . . . you just know!

It’s all those subtle things . . . pancakes . . . what do they put on them?

Do they make them from a mix or buy them frozen?

Are they a nut-free household?

These aren’t things you discuss with your neighbors . . . but their trash is a fountain of information.

Then, there’s the recycling!

The soda they drink . . . regular or diet . . . which cola?

Maybe not cola, but root beer or Orange Crush . . .

Maybe beer and wine . . . or hard liquor . . . Those bottles get recycled regularly.

You can even find out their brand of pickles . . . and condiment . . . the very basic stuff of their life . . .

Do we judge?

I don’t pay attention to what others buy at the grocery store, but I’ve noticed some interest to what is in my shopping cart.

Do I feel guilty?grocerycart

Sometimes . . . when I’m buying frozen stuff and junk food . . . not when I’m buying fruits and vegetables and healthy stuff . . .

I do like a blueberry muffin and buying them from the bakery section is so much easier than making them from a mix. And that goes for cookies, too. We find what is good and easy and what our family likes . . . There’s no mystery to that.

I have a grocery shopping day coming up . . . so that’s why this is on my mind.

I have to decide what I’m going to put on my list and not go crazy once I get to the store.

I try to eat healthy, but I also like to have something to snack on from time to time . . . and a bit of variety is always welcome.

I’m sure none of us have a shopping cart full of healthy stuff we’d we proud to display on a website. Maybe . . . depending upon the topic of the article . . . In reality we have a mix of healthy and fun food . . . and easy food to make . . .

We may not be winning any awards for our shopping and the meals we make, but we’re healthy and happy with healthy and happy families. We’re real . . . some people go to fast food places to fill in the gaps of their grocery shopping . . . I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time I bought fast food . . . it’s not that it’s bad, it’s just not on my regular route.

Well, all I can truly say that trash day and shopping day are highlights . . . at least I highlighted them here. I’m sure you have an opinion about this . . . please leave me a comment.

Thanks for stopping by!