Took A Bit Of A Break

Not Unusual For Christmas . . .LanternInTheSnow

It’s time to regroup a bit . . . in anticipation for the New Year . . .

Yes, time is going by quickly. It will be spring soon . . . and summer . . . and then fall . . . and it all begins again. It is definitely like clockwork.

The seasons and holidays come . . . and go . . . blending together into a beautiful collection of memories . . . and plans . . . and celebrations . . .

Your very own “fabric of life.”

There are the good times . . . sad times . . . and so-so times . . . which all come together with wonderful memories that you can cherish and share for many years to come.

I’ve Been Thinking About The Christmas Spirit . . .

All that magic and merriment.

And how I can hold on to it throughout the year . . . not as a New Year’s Resolution, but as something I truly feel within me . . . that anticipation . . . the joy . . . the wonderment of it all . . .

For quite some time I’ve been reworking my other websites . . . and eliminating quite a few. And thinking of eliminating a couple more . . .

We do grow, no matter how old we get. What was once important doesn’t seem to be as much as before.

It’s about being true to myself . . . and to others . . . but to make what is within me shine forth for others to see. It is that inner joy . . . the thankfulness you feel . . . the desire to make others happy . . . and to be happy yourself . . . Allowing the true you to be visible without being timid . . . or seeking approval.

It has nothing to do with showboating, but being authentic . . . sure we put our best foot forward, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to have that as who we truly are?

Just being who you are without giving it any thought . . .

I Did Get Caught Up In Trying To Impress Others

And not being who I truly am . . .

It’s about feeling comfortable with yourself and how that can shine through you for others to see. It possible others won’t see it . . . which isn’t your problem — it’s their problem . . . the more authentic you can be, the easier and more joyous your life will truly be.

I thought having a whole bunch of websites would be my ticket to fortune . . . no, it didn’t work out like that. And, to be honest with you, it wasn’t me or what I really wanted.

So I took some time off to think and dig and search . . .

And I had to make some difficult decisions . . .

I have 5 of the eight websites remaining. One I’m ready to let go, but there are two others . . . one has become an “old friend” but one I’ve ignored . . . I can handle two websites . . . even with taking a necessary break now and then . . . but the need for a break was because of the “burden” I felt with the decision I was to make with my other websites.

I Know I’m On The Right Track When I Wake Up In The Morning And Get Excited About What I’m Going To Add To My BlogsWIN_20150702_160411 (2)

It’s what makes me happy and hopefully my visitors, too.

I have read the theories and practices of having a successful website . . . but heart seems to be missing . . . and I don’t want success without heart.

So, maybe success isn’t meant for me . . . or things will come around and people will realize how important heart is to everything you do . . . including blogging.

And, thinking back to those two cans on a string . . . and how as a child I lived in the “now” . . . everything had to do with what I was going to do “now” and to thoroughly enjoy it . . . playing with friends or reading a book or jumping rope . . . or just enjoying nature at the moment . . .

As adults we forget sometimes what is truly important . . . we do fret and worry . . . we do dream and anticipate . . . we plan for the future . . . but when that apple pie is calling our name, we drop everything to answer that call.

Nothing else matters . . . it’s digging into that pie and savoring the delicious essence of it . . . truly being in the moment and holding on to it . . . allowing it to linger into the next . . . and the next . . . bite after delicious bite.

I’m sure you know that feeling.

I experience it when I’m sharing quality time with my precious Yorkshire Terrier, Diva. I do love her and appreciate her more each day. She is truly a blessing to me.

Being True To Yourself And Those You Love

Embrace your limitations.

We can’t do and be everything . . . we do, at times, need to step back and find what is truly important.

In blogging, it’s about spreading happiness and giving your visitors something of value . . . which is the spirit of Christmas that we can share throughout the year. And it’s knowing that we have had a truly honest productive day of spreading good cheer and goodwill to all . . . not self promotion and making sales . . .

I do love making sales, don’t get me wrong, but I want you to truly buy only when you want something. I may not give the best reviews of products. They either work or don’t. I either like them or don’t. They serve a benefit to me and may be something of value for you . . . only you can decide that for yourself.

I do love this time of year. I’m looking forward to the New Year. We all say it, “I hope this year is better than last year . . .”

We make it a good year . . . or not so . . . Yes there are circumstances beyond our control, but basically I believe we can either draw goodness or sorrow into our lives by our attitude. Sorrow of losing loved ones is inevitable at times, but other sorrows and problems perhaps could be avoided with a positive outlook.

There are always those who spout doom and gloom . . . I choose to be one who has a more positive outlook. We may be in a drought, but this year we’re going to be getting more rain . . . not that it will be turning things around, but it is a start. It is forecast to be a wet weekend and perhaps a wet New Year’s Day.

I love listening to the rain while writing my blog. I love the colder temperatures. It’s always good to bundle up beside the fireplace . . . this is my ideal with a hot cup of cocoa, coffee or tea. I try to think of the more positive things of life . . . and honor those who have passed and I miss. I do get a bit melancholy this time of year, but I try to acknowledge it and then move on by being busy.

I do wish all of you a very happy, prosperous and joyful New Year!!!