The Dead Speak — And Sometimes Play Piano

Let’s begin with a couple of definitions — I know, the former teacher in me is coming out . . . 

  • When you pick up voices that’s an EVP = Electronic Voice Phenomena. It’s a disembodied voice imprinted on a recording device that was not audible to the ear at the time of recording.
  • When you pick up non-voice sounds:  music, bangs, rattling, etc. that’s an ENP = Electronic Noise Phenomena.

I was out walking my dog this morning.  I just wanted a little exercise and fresh air.  I like going out in the morning when it is quiet and cooler.

On my walks I sometimes take my camera and voice recording device to record anything interesting I see or hear.  Or when I intuitively think I might pick up EVPs or ENPs.  Once I recorded the clip-clop of horse hoofs going at a steady pace up the street. It reminded me of horse-drawn carriages . . . or a hay ride — usually in August I dream of fall.

This morning I was curious about the house that was just vacated a few days ago.

In the past I would hear sounds coming from the house when they were on vacation. It seemed the spirits in there have a great party when the owners are gone.  I had asked them once if they left a radio on while they were gone and they said they hadn’t.  It sounded like teenagers back in the 50’s – 60’s with a sock-hop.  I just shrugged off their answer.  My neighborhood, I believe in very active with ghostly spirits, but the neighbors don’t discuss it.  They usually deny any activity or think I’m crazy for bringing up the subject.

I did walk up to the porch and set the recorder down.  I said, “If there are any spirits here, please talk into this recorder.  I’m not going to hurt you and neither is this recorder.  It will just record what you say.  You can say anything or make a noise.  I’d greatly appreciate it.”  I then set the recorder down and went on my way.

I think most spirits are a bit shy and like to “be” unnoticed.  I know it’s an intrusion on them, but I am curious.  I do try to be respectful.

While I was walking, I had a mental image of a spirit on hands and knees checking out the recorder . . . it made me chuckle to myself and also made me eager to retrieve my recorder.

I could hear piano music as I came around the corner of my street. It got louder as I walked closer to the vacant house.

I was torn between keeping the recorder on the porch until this little concert was over . . . but I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to see if the recorder picked up anything.

I listened to my little statement and I heard, “Hello?” It was a woman’s voice.

Oh my goodness!! I got an answer!! I almost dropped my recorder!!

There was quite a long pause and then I heard, “Play piano.”

Wow!! I was in heaven!!!

It didn’t take her long to start tickling the ivories with a classical tune.  It was lovely and as I mentioned earlier she was still playing when I picked up the recorder and turned it off.  So I got both an EVP and an ENP.

I do remember hearing a previous neighbor was a piano teacher.

I do hope the new owners like classical music and are kind to this lovely sounding woman. Or the new owners will be “stick in the muds” and deny any paranormal activity taking place in their new home.

I’m also curious if the teenage “sock hop”-pers are still in residence. That will keep them on their toes!!

I am so amazed by the spirit world and how lovely ghosts can be . . . sometimes I like them better than the living . . . I’ve always imagined having a “tea party” inviting the ghosts from the neighborhood. Maybe with my new Spirit Box, I’ll be able to do just that.

Maybe I should do it on my back patio . . . I don’t necessarily want a whole lot of spirits in my house — I have enough of my own.

I wonder what kind of prayer would be appropriate for self protection and having them go away after our session . . . Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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