Play Betrayal At House On The Hill This Halloween

Betrayal At House On The Hill – 2nd Edition by Wizards of the Coast

Here we have a cooperative game for 3 to 6 players for ages 12 years and up. This board game has multiple lay-outs for multiple scenarios that makes this game different every time you play. Players experience one mystic misadventure after another until . . . one of the players turns on the others.

I think it would be a great game to play at your Halloween Party. You can wear costumes, you have prepared good food that fits the Halloween theme and refreshing drinks with creepy names. You have spooky background music. The only thing missing is something to tie this all together. And that is an imaginary visit to explore “that creepy old place on the hill”.

Betrayal At House On The Hill is hours of fun for friends and family to play during this Halloween season. It will definitely give you thrills and chills!

I’ve always thought going “trick-or-treating” was for young children. I enjoyed it when I was young. It’s something kids look forward to and parents do, too. Then there comes a time when roaming the streets at night knocking on doors for Halloween candy loses its charm and a Halloween feast is in order at home with family . . . or with friends . . . or with both.

If it’s about the candy, then you can have a variety around and even make up “trick or treat” bags of goodies for your guests to take home.

All Hollows Eve can still be exciting without going out in the night. It’s more about having a safe time and enjoying a fun evening. Eating a delicious, yet spooky meal and setting up a creepy game of Betrayal At House On The Hill. It will truly be a memorable Halloween.

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  There is a second edition of Gloom you may want to check out. I do enjoy the Gloom Series of games.

I hope this review was helpful. Have a safe Halloween!

Exciting Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

The Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet is what every kid wants and you’ll soon find it’s what every parent has been waiting for to entertain the kids.

  • This is a real tablet, not a toy. It has a quad-core processor for great performance, a vivid HD display, front and rear-facing cameras, and Dolby Audio
  • Enjoy the peace of mind with an unprecedented 2-year worry-free guarantee—if they break it, we’ll replace it for free. No questions asked
  • The Kids Edition includes a year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited so kids get unlimited access to 5,000 books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games—at no additional cost.
  • Parents can create individual profiles for each child. Personalize screen time limits, educational goals, and age-appropriate content
  • Durable kid-proof case to protect against drops and bumps caused by kids at play.

It’s a great idea to pre-order now. Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet comes out October 21, 2014. Your kid with the envy of the other kids, because you thought ahead!

Will make a great holiday gift. Doubt you need to think about it. Just click the image above to purchase.

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Halloween Decorating At Its Best

Here’s an outstanding video that will truly blow you away! It’s animatronics at its very best . . . and perhaps extreme. I love it and hope you do, too.

Here are some fun links to get you thinking about your own Halloween decore:

There are plenty more. Just click one of the pictures and you can explore other animatronics that may be just right for your home.

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Cheap, Fun and Easy Halloween Craft Ideas

‘Tis family fun to make some really cool and frightening things for Halloween that are cheap, fun and easy to make.

My cousin and her daughter are getting into the Halloween decorating mode of the season. It’s good to include the kids, but it may start out as a mother-daughter project. As you look through the archives, you’ll notice lots of great paper craft projects for the kids.

I have a video for you compliments of Miss Morticia Grave. I love the projects, but the music is outstanding!

I hope this was inspirational for you. I have another post and video that will truly blow you away

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Halloween Animatronics

It’s always nice to have something electronic or animated in your front yard to scare the daylights out of passers by, visitors or guests. This All Hollows Eve seems to be the right time to get all your decorations up . . . including lights.

What’s hot this year are fog machines. I do prefer these over dry ice. You get basically the same effect, but I believe it is much safer. But, I don’t want to take away any of your fun . . . I just caution you to be careful and to think of safety first.

For my front porch, I’m drawn to:

Swamp Hag Rising Animated Halloween Prop

Animated Swamp Hag comes with a soft PVC head with a moving mouth and eyes that light up, her costume is tattered showing gauze details and her hands are nicely molded with a realistic look.

  • The Swamp Hag starts at a 40″ height with her head down and arms folded into her chest, then as she rises up to 60″, her head lifts, eyes light up, mouth moves, and arms open out to the side
  • She’s made from a sturdy metal frame that has the rising mechanism attached
  • UL adapter and an infrared sensor with a “Step Here” pad option is included
  • The Swamp Hag could be used with a fog machine to give an even more creepy effect (not included) to make her appear as though she is rising out of the swamp.

Here’s a fog machine:

Chauvet Hurricane 700 Fog Machine

This is a compact, lightweight fog machine  that emits thick bursts of water-based fog to give a creepy effect to your animated figures. It is ready to use right out of the box. There is a wired remote control and comes with a pint of water-based fog fluid.

Here are some more picture links you may find helpful:

Just click one of the images and it will take to where you can purchase or look for more animated figures.

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