Play Betrayal At House On The Hill This Halloween

Betrayal At House On The Hill – 2nd Edition by Wizards of the Coast

Here we have a cooperative game for 3 to 6 players for ages 12 years and up. This board game has multiple lay-outs for multiple scenarios that makes this game different every time you play. Players experience one mystic misadventure after another until . . . one of the players turns on the others.

I think it would be a great game to play at your Halloween Party. You can wear costumes, you have prepared good food that fits the Halloween theme and refreshing drinks with creepy names. You have spooky background music. The only thing missing is something to tie this all together. And that is an imaginary visit to explore “that creepy old place on the hill”.

Betrayal At House On The Hill is hours of fun for friends and family to play during this Halloween season. It will definitely give you thrills and chills!

I’ve always thought going “trick-or-treating” was for young children. I enjoyed it when I was young. It’s something kids look forward to and parents do, too. Then there comes a time when roaming the streets at night knocking on doors for Halloween candy loses its charm and a Halloween feast is in order at home with family . . . or with friends . . . or with both.

If it’s about the candy, then you can have a variety around and even make up “trick or treat” bags of goodies for your guests to take home.

All Hollows Eve can still be exciting without going out in the night. It’s more about having a safe time and enjoying a fun evening. Eating a delicious, yet spooky meal and setting up a creepy game of Betrayal At House On The Hill. It will truly be a memorable Halloween.

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I hope this review was helpful. Have a safe Halloween!

Exciting Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet

The Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet is what every kid wants and you’ll soon find it’s what every parent has been waiting for to entertain the kids.

  • This is a real tablet, not a toy. It has a quad-core processor for great performance, a vivid HD display, front and rear-facing cameras, and Dolby Audio
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  • The Kids Edition includes a year of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited so kids get unlimited access to 5,000 books, movies, TV shows, educational apps, and games—at no additional cost.
  • Parents can create individual profiles for each child. Personalize screen time limits, educational goals, and age-appropriate content
  • Durable kid-proof case to protect against drops and bumps caused by kids at play.

It’s a great idea to pre-order now. Fire HD Kids Edition Tablet comes out October 21, 2014. Your kid with the envy of the other kids, because you thought ahead!

Will make a great holiday gift. Doubt you need to think about it. Just click the image above to purchase.

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Halloween Decorating At Its Best

Here’s an outstanding video that will truly blow you away! It’s animatronics at its very best . . . and perhaps extreme. I love it and hope you do, too.

Here are some fun links to get you thinking about your own Halloween decore:

There are plenty more. Just click one of the pictures and you can explore other animatronics that may be just right for your home.

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Cheap, Fun and Easy Halloween Craft Ideas

‘Tis family fun to make some really cool and frightening things for Halloween that are cheap, fun and easy to make.

My cousin and her daughter are getting into the Halloween decorating mode of the season. It’s good to include the kids, but it may start out as a mother-daughter project. As you look through the archives, you’ll notice lots of great paper craft projects for the kids.

I have a video for you compliments of Miss Morticia Grave. I love the projects, but the music is outstanding!

I hope this was inspirational for you. I have another post and video that will truly blow you away

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Urban Legend Vs. Creepy Old House Story

I’m torn between writing about a “running out of gas” urban legend and a creepy old house story.

There are plenty of stories where people do buy “haunted houses.” Some on purpose and some for other reasons such as price, the feeling that the house needs TLC or they’re just drawn to it.

When you think about houses you’ve bought in the past, was the attraction logical or illogical? I’ve bought houses, because of the potential I saw, location, price or a special feature such as landscaping or a beautiful custom patio.

Now, how practical is an urban legend in 2014 with cell phones.

You no longer are without means of calling for help. There would be no reason to walk miles to get to a gas station and meet who knows what is lurking on an abandoned road.

Urban legends are great for those of us who are old enough to appreciate that helpless feeling of running out of gas or having the car stop running or even a flat tire. We know what it was like to have to walk for help. To find a phone booth, gas station or Good Samaritan. Now, that last one could be an angel of mercy or a pure nightmare.

Come to think of it, are we safer in 2014 with cell phones or is it merely false security?

The news has told of horrible happenings within the cell phone era. Society has its share of individuals who prey on the innocent. Is it really any different from the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s?


Sure you have your cell phone. You even place a call inquiring if the address you have is the right one. Yes, you’re assured. Will you venture on the property? Is the light in the window inviting or an excuse to leave? You reason that since it is an upstairs window, the occupant may be preparing for bed. Wait a minute, the house is supposed to be unoccupied. Did another interested buyer leave a light on? What would you do?

Bob and Carla need a house of their own.

They’re living with Bob’s parents, but with three children under 8 years old, it is a burden on them. Bob’s been unable to get work. He was downsized from his job. They’re getting by on Carla’s internet marketing business. Bob’s also leaning in that direction. They would love to be home with their children.

This house seemed to be the answer to their prayers. It was a fixer-upper and the price was too good to be true for a 6000 square foot house. It was also situated on a half acre lot with plenty of room for the kids to play and even have a vegetable garden.

“Go on in, you have the key,” the realtor encouraged Bob. “It’s all right. Someone must have left the light on upstairs.”

“It’s like a beacon leading us here,” Carla said with a smile.

Bob got a chill. The thought “leaving a candle burning in the window” weighed heavily on his mind.

“This house is lovely,” Carla said. “There must be a mistake in the listing.”

Carla was imaging her family living there and all the great meals she’d make in the huge gourmet kitchen.

There was a library with floor to ceiling bookshelves. It also had an inviting fireplace. Carla thought this would be a lovely office for she and Bob with plenty of room for the children to play, read, draw, or do homework.

The more they saw, the more they fell in love with the old house.

“Are you sure?” Bob asked. “It will cost a fortune to furnish this place.”

“We’ll use what we have. Empty areas would be good for the children to play.”

They called the realtor when they got home.

She invited them to dinner. There was someone she wanted them to meet.

Mr. Conner was the owner of the old house and several other properties in the area. He was the guest the realtor wanted them to meet.

After dinner, they settled into a comfortable living room of the realtor’s townhouse.

“There are a few things you need to know about the old house,” Mr. Conner began lighting a cigar. “It has a history.”

Tragic events surrounded the house when it was first built.

There were workmen who were injured and two men fell to their deaths.

There were rumors that the grounds were haunted or evil dwelled there.

Old wives tales was Mr. Graham’s attitude.

Mr. Graham built the house for his wife and family. There was a tragic train crash that took the lives of all except his eldest daughter. She came out of the accident without a scratch.

Mr. Graham was completely grief stricken. His daughter was a great comfort to him, but his deep sense of loss for his wife and two sons was overwhelming.

Sarah, the daughter, was a lovely young woman of 18 when she arrived to the house. She became active in the church and sang in the choir.

She had several suitors, but none of them seemed quite right to her. Sarah thought herself special since she was the sole survivor of a fatal train crash.

As she was approaching her 21st birthday, she met an older man of wealth and influence in the town. The twenty year difference in their ages didn’t matter to Sarah, but the town gossips wagged their tongues continuously. “Robbing the cradle” and “Gold digger” were common phrases bantered about. The “gold digger” phrase would be referring to Sarah as well as her intended Randolph Jamison III.

A lavish wedding was planned.

Everyone, or so it seemed, was in attendance.

The crowd grew restless as Randolph Jamison III never arrived.

“I’ve no idea of his delay,” Randolph Jamison, Jr. explained to Mr. Graham and distraught Sarah. “He was looking forward to the wedding. He even bought a lovely place for the two of you to live.”

When it became clear that the groom was not going to arrive, Mr. Graham urged the guests to leave to spare his daughter any further embarrassment.

That night Sarah left a candle burning in the window. She did the same each night for a month.

No one heard from Randolph Jamison III.

Sarah couldn’t take the looks of pity as she attended church or met people in town.

One night after lighting the candle and setting it in the window, she went up in the attic and hung herself.

Both Bob and Carla felt such compassion for Sarah. This didn’t change their mind about purchasing the house.

But, there was more, according to Mr. Conner.

“Mr. Graham was not who he claimed to be. He charmed the widows in town.”

This was while he was building the house and before the tragic death of his wife and sons.

He kept his trysts secret. From the community and each of the widows. He had a private tunnel dug from his basement to the town cemetery. This is where he would secretly meet the ladies.

This practice of going out at night through the tunnel continued after he heard of the tragic deaths and the arrival of his daughter.

Once Sarah arrive, though, many of the widows in town disappeared.

Sarah, too, was not who she claimed to be. She and her father made quite a nice living on harvesting body parts from graves.

The pieces fell into place quickly for Bob and Carla. They were out of the house and driving home faster than they’d ever drove home before.

I don’t blame them, actually. The thought doesn’t set well with me. I’m wondering if Mr. Graham or Sarah had anything to do with her fiance’s disappearance. And, too, if Mr. Graham was responsible for Sarah’s tragic death.

©Sharon Harvey   9/2014