Betrayal At House On The Hill – 2nd Edition by Wizards of the Coast

Here we have a cooperative game for 3 to 6 players for ages 12 years and up. This board game has multiple lay-outs for multiple scenarios that makes this game different every time you play. Players experience one mystic misadventure after another until . . . one of the players turns on the others.

I think it would be a great game to play at your Halloween Party. You can wear costumes, you have prepared good food that fits the Halloween theme and refreshing drinks with creepy names. You have spooky background music. The only thing missing is something to tie this all together. And that is an imaginary visit to explore “that creepy old place on the hill”.

Betrayal At House On The Hill is hours of fun for friends and family to play during this Halloween season. It will definitely give you thrills and chills!

I’ve always thought going “trick-or-treating” was for young children. I enjoyed it when I was young. It’s something kids look forward to and parents do, too. Then there comes a time when roaming the streets at night knocking on doors for Halloween candy loses its charm and a Halloween feast is in order at home with family . . . or with friends . . . or with both.

If it’s about the candy, then you can have a variety around and even make up “trick or treat” bags of goodies for your guests to take home.

All Hollows Eve can still be exciting without going out in the night. It’s more about having a safe time and enjoying a fun evening. Eating a delicious, yet spooky meal and setting up a creepy game of Betrayal At House On The Hill. It will truly be a memorable Halloween.

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I hope this review was helpful. Have a safe Halloween!