New Adventures Ahead.

Such images as walking through a gateway remind me of Alice’s adventures through the looking glass. It’s not a favorite tale of mine, but it is a starting point of any new adventure to get my imagination working, exploring and wondering. ¬†Some of the characters were interesting, but mostly it was unpleasant for me to read . . . I may have missed something significant within the story . . . and maybe not. It just wasn’t the adventure I was seeking . . . and the attitude I thought uncomfortable. It’s not an ideal fantasy I would choose to explore again. For me, I would want to learn some truths about life and the purpose of why we are here and how to make our dreams come true to the benefit of many. Not for all, because some choose other paths . . . have agendas contrary to my ideal. It’s good to have differences . . . it’s good to learn and to grow . . . to shape my goals and beliefs, attitudes and priorities . . .¬†

What adventures does 2015 hold? Is it worth the journey? Do I really want to go?

Yes, questions. There are always questions. This allows me to flow . . . and to grow. I may be stuck in the past . . . my “now” reflects what has come before . . . from my ancestors . . . not all great and wonderful people . . . they made their share of mistakes . . . but given what faced them . . . did they have other choices? We may be limited by choices or our perception of them. This is not an excuse . . . and maybe it is . . . I believe it’s all about learning and growing . . . taking responsibility and striving to do better . . .

This is just where I am on this New Year’s Day . . . you may understanding . . . agree or disagree . . . that’s fine . . . does it really matter? That depends upon your perspective and priorities.

I have a neighbor who believes today is the day to take down Christmas lights and decorations. Some are joining them and some have a difference of opinion . . . they wait until the 6th of January. Yesterday’s wind and the tree trimming made that decision for me. My lights are down. My decorations are put away. It worked for me, but not for others. That’s fine. It’s not my intention to dictate to others to follow me. We’re individuals with minds of our own . . . not robots.

Much of what I write about here at may be what you find interesting or enlightening or a waste of time. That’s fine. This is my website and I do what appeals to me at the moment. It’s also true of my other 3 websites. One I may not renew when the time comes. It’s a great website and I’ve made lots of sales from it, but I’m moving on. Something for me to seriously look at . . . The interest is still there, but I don’t know about the passion . . . and is that my priority?

I suppose this is my message . . . my time for reflection . . . maybe this is the reason for the cold weather . . . the traffic jams on the freeways of people running off to spend a day in the mountains and the snow. And those heading for home . . . yes, today and this weekend will be a busy travel day for many . . . and maybe on their travels they’ll reflect on 2014 and what’s ahead during 2015 . . . or wait until they arrive home.

Random thoughts . . . conscious or unconscious . . . shaping decisions during 2015.