Halloween Cookie Recipes

    Halloween Themed Cookie Recipes To Kickstart National Cookie Month — And A Halloween Cookie Exchange.

    Please leave me recipes in the comments.

    Here are some Oooie Gooie Monster Cookiesmonstercookies


    • 1 box of White Cake Mix
    • 1/2 cup of softened butter
    • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
    • 1 8 ounce package of softened Cream Cheese
    • 1 large egg
    • Powdered Sugar
    • Food Coloring
    • Candy Eyeballs


    1. With an electric mixer beat the butter, vanilla, egg and cream cheese until fluffy.
    2. Mix in the cake mix.
    3. Divide the batter into bowls for the number of colors you want.
    4. Add food coloring to each individual bowl and mix thoroughly for even coloring.
    5. Chill the colored batter for about 30 minutes.
    6. Roll into balls and dip in a bowl of powdered sugar.
    7. Place on greased cookie sheet and smoosh them down a bit.
    8. Bake at 350°F for 10 to 12 minutes.
    9. Add the candy eyeballs while the cookies are still warm.
    10. Let cool.

    You may be ready for another batch after you see how easy these are to make and how delicious they are.

    But, before you go, let me share with you the variety of candy eyeballs I’ve found to make your monster cookies extra fun:

    There are regular eyeballs, bloodshot eyeballs and flirty eyeballs . . . what a great selection!!!!

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    Sharon, Owner of TwoCansOnAString.com

    Do You Get Inspired By An Image?

    It Depends Upon The Image . . .pumpkin-field

    For me, nothing is more inspiring than a field of bright orange pumpkins. And the fallen leaves . . .

    I do love fall . . . and all that goes along with it . . . the crunch of leaves underfoot, the fresh crisp smell when the season changes . . . the cool nights and the cooler days . . . I love wearing sweaters and going to the various places that sell pumpkins right out of their pumpkin patch.

    There are the hay rides, Halloween Parties and, of course, Halloween — and with that comes the carving of pumpkins . . . the nights in front of a fire . . . the ghost stories . . .

    I may cheat this year and re-read the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I usually save it for Halloween, but for some reason I want to get back into that story. It is a classic and has become a tradition at my house.

    I even enjoy watching the Disney cartoon of it. It’s nice to revisit these characters . . . it doesn’t matter that I know what is going to happen, it is still an exciting story I can read over and over again.

    Just like other stories you may never tire of reading or hearing again and again.

    I may be torturing myself by bringing up this picture, but it is always nice to anticipate what is to come. I do find it relaxing and tranquil.

    I know of people who absolutely love Christmas as much as I love fall . . . they begin planning their decorating and begin shopping early. We do anticipate what makes us feel good. Fall has that special thing for me.

    I also know of some who are enjoying their summer. This is their season! They love the hot weather and going to the beach. They’re totally caught up in the season and savoring the BBQs and the camping and all that summer has to offer. It is truly invigorating to them. And the telling of ghost stories while sitting in front of an open fire. There is something about being outdoors, maybe in the woods and being inspired by the dark shadows of the night . . . and the shadows cast beyond the light of the campfire.

    We all have our favorite season, some love them all and take them as they come . . . and enjoy every bit of each one from start to finish . . .

    Without spring and summer, we wouldn’t have the great harvest in the fall . . . Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same now would it?

    I do love Thanksgiving, but it does seem to get crowded out by Halloween and Christmas . . . sure we celebrate it, but it does seem to be a “filler” rather than an honest to goodness holiday we thoroughly enjoy.

    Look at how Black Friday has moved to Thanksgiving Day . . . all to get the great bargains to kick off the Christmas Season.

    I am much too old fashioned to give up my Thanksgiving for bargain shopping. I love the time with family and friends.

    If I want a head start on Christmas, I do my shopping in July and August. Those are the times that feel right for me. I also stock up at the end of the season sales, too. That’s when I believe I’ve really gotten bargains. Yes, things may be picked over, but many times others have waited, too. It does seem like a fresh selection of ornaments and decorative pieces for next year. It’s just remembering where I put them . . .

    We’ve really changed how we shop . . . with the internet. I remember reading somewhere that with all the mobile devices we think of shopping every time we go online. Is that true? Is that how you feel? Is that what you do?

    It’s an interesting concept. I need to think about it and watch what I do each time I go online. I believe I check my email and do research for my blog posts, but deep down I may have masked over my desire to shop . . .

    It does make sense. I do a lot of shopping online. I prefer it to going out in the summer heat and traffic . . . I feel as though I’m helping those who do need to go out to do their school shopping . . . I’m not taking up a parking place they could use.

    Shopping online has become a natural thing to do. Check out various prices without running all over town. Many times we do this research, then, instead of buying it online, we go out, buy it and pick it up and bring it home.

    I don’t know if this is happening in your neighborhood, but some stores are merely showrooms. They are there with merchandise, but you’re going to have to order it . . . that seems a waste, but it is helpful to see it before you buy it. That has been my experience for quite a number of years with furniture. It’s rare that I see something and I can have it delivered in a few days. There’s been that lag time of three weeks minimum.

    So, the concept of shopping online is becoming much more appealing.

    I do hope you’re enjoying your summer and anticipating the holidays to come . . . or you may be just too busy enjoying your various summer activities or getting the kids ready for a new school year . . .

    Thanks for stopping by!

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    Sharon, Owner of TwoCansOnAString.com

    Did You Know October Is National Cookie Month?

    There’s A National Cookie Month?

    Yes, indeed there is . . . or someone is goofing with me!


    Doesn’t the graveyard look like cocoa powder? Yum! Hot Chocolate Grave Dirt. And those rocks could be Rock Candy.

    I’ve usually done the Cookie Exchange thing for Christmas, but why not start it off with A Halloween Cookie Exchange! Wouldn’t that be frightfully delicious? And continue with a Thanksgiving Cookie Exchange all to hit the Grand Finale of the Christmas Cookie Exchange!

    I think it’s always good to plan ahead with your great selection of holiday cookie ideas for each season. I don’t know about you, but now would be a perfect time to gather all the “seasonal” cookie recipes together and see how many we have stored away somewhere . . . I would imagine by combining Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas we have well over a hundred or two or maybe three hundred of them . . . but where are they?

    I’m Sure I’ve Published Over A Dozen Halloween Cookie Recipes

    I’m going to need to go through my archives and revisit them throughout National Cookie Month and beyond. Cookies with a theme or season are always fun.

    These Creepy Spider Treats are a bit too much for me, but they could be a major hit with your guests at your Halloween Party or for your Halloween Cookie Exchange. What do you think?


    Are those Rice Krispie spider eggs? I’m getting a bit creeped out!!

    There are plenty of spiders and critters you can fashion out of cookies and candy pieces . . . How about that One Eyed, One Horned Flying Purple People Eater?

    Or The Blob!! That terrorized The Colonial Movie Theater!!

    The Blob would be fun, but you have to keep it in a mound and add red food coloring to it . . . Maybe have a No Bake Truffle you can dip in those red chocolate melts.

    You may go with other movies you’ve seen that have various paranormal entities . . .

    Of course, there are plenty of monsters — Frankenstein, the Mummy, Bride of Frankenstein, zombies that are growing in popularity — witches, ghosts, ghouls and even goblins . . . You may have your hand full with those . . .

    I don’t want to get too creepy with brains and gore and guts, but you can do what appeals to you. I’m into more of the fun stuff that’s kid friendly . . .

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Be sure to add a picture and recipe in the comments below. We can start getting this Halloween Cookie Exchange off to a great start.

    Oh, by the way, I’ve had this song buzzing around in my head. It wouldn’t be polite for me to keep it all to myself. Here’s a video you may enjoy:

    Now, wasn’t that enlightening 🙂

    And, now for those of you who may not be familiar with The Blob:


    Sharon, Owner of TwoCansOnAString.com

    The Skoolhouse — Free Ray Keim Paper Craft

    With the onset of “Back to School” it seems fitting to present Ray Keim’s Haunted Dimensions Skoolhouseskool_01

    I love these paper crafts! I’ve made several of them and created my own Haunted Display — Not just for Halloween, but all year round.

    Just click the image and you’ll be taken to the PDF.

    This old schoolhouse has seen better days . . . maybe it’s a good idea for it to look as though it’s falling down to keep children and adults away. Now, it seems this schoolhouse has a horrifying history . . . according to legend . . . children started disappearing . . . their remains have never been found, but it was believed that Jack the Janitor abducted the children and took them down to the basement which served as Jack’s “office” . . .

    It’s these children that were murdered down in the school’s basement that are believed to haunt the old skoolhouse . . . but there are many legends . . . of many school houses throughout the United States and beyond.

    I like this Skoolhouse, not because of the many legends, but because it is a place we’re all familiar with . . . school . . . and many don’t have fond memories of their school days . . . and many do . . . and many have mixed feelings . . . but all schools were a bit spooky after hours when it was empty . . . or we thought it was empty . . .

    Enjoy your Skoolhouse . . . it will be a welcome addition to your haunted display this Halloween . . .

    Please leave me a comment about this free printable.

    Sharon, Owner of TwoCansOnAString.com

    Ray Keim’s Colonial Theater Paper Craft

    Ray Keim of Haunted Dimensions has a wonderful selection of quality paper crafts you can make for your personal Halloween display.BLOB-ColonialTheater

    They take me awhile to put together, so I’m giving you plenty of time . . . you may want to make several of them. They are very well done and will be great to make and give to friends and family.

    “The Blog” is a classic scifi movie made in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s set in The Colonial Theater — according to the movie, a meteorite hit the earth in 1958 and within this rock was an oozing mass that fed on the people who flocked to The Colonial for a Midnight Spook Show one hot summer evening lured by the Air Conditioning . . . back then houses didn’t have air conditioning, so this was a major attraction.

    Have fun making The Colonial Theater and The Blob.

    Please leave me a comment below about your thoughts about free paper crafts or this one in particular.

    Click image to be taken to the PDF.

    Sharon, Owner of TwoCansOnAString.com