Ray Keim of Haunted Dimensions has a wonderful selection of quality paper crafts you can make for your personal Halloween display.BLOB-ColonialTheater

They take me awhile to put together, so I’m giving you plenty of time . . . you may want to make several of them. They are very well done and will be great to make and give to friends and family.

“The Blog” is a classic scifi movie made in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s set in The Colonial Theater — according to the movie, a meteorite hit the earth in 1958 and within this rock was an oozing mass that fed on the people who flocked to The Colonial for a Midnight Spook Show one hot summer evening lured by the Air Conditioning . . . back then houses didn’t have air conditioning, so this was a major attraction.

Have fun making The Colonial Theater and The Blob.

Please leave me a comment below about your thoughts about free paper crafts or this one in particular.

Click image to be taken to the PDF.

Sharon, Owner of TwoCansOnAString.com