Looking Good!!

    Yes!! TwoCansOnAString.com has a new look!!

    It pretty much stayed very similar, but for me it allowed me to look at 4 years of posts — with the conclusion, we do want to see what is current.

    Yes, some of the recipes are still good — especially the S’Mores . . . it’s getting that time of year again!!

    And . . . thinking about what I like . . . 

    I’ve always enjoyed Family Game Night!! A time for the family to sit down together to play a board game or a card game.

    I think I’ve found a good one with Monkeys Up!

    This game claims to:

    • Increase Emotional Bonding
    • Improve Sibling Rivalry — Kids learn boundaries, rules and sharing.
    • Builds Self Confidence
    • Reduces Stress by setting the daily concerns aside
    • Boosts Child Development while encouraging children to become lifelong learners
    • Unplugging from all the gadgets and gizmos

    This is a fun game with the beauty that kids don’t realize they’re learning. It’s for 1 to 6 players ages 6 years and up. This game uses strategy and memory skills.

    The game consists of:

    • 18 plastic monkeys
    • 1 cube
    • Simple Instructions

    It’s easy to play and so much fun!!

    Watch this video:

    This is one of those games with unlimited “repeat” time.

    You will definitely want to play over and over and over again!!

    I believe this is a “must have” in your family game night rotation.

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    It’s Spring . . .

    I thought TwoCansOnAString.com was due for a new look . . . 

    I’m hesitating rather than jumping in with both feet . . .

    Goodness! I have over 500 posts!! This is going to mean a whole lot of work for me . . . But isn’t this what spring cleaning is all about . . . And what my loyal visitors and customers deserve . . .

    I’m thinking of going with a magazine style theme for TwoCansOnAString . . . the great thing about this is that it will bring out the old with the new . . . and I know with 500 plus posts, I have a whole lot of old that many of you may want to revisit . . . 

    I’ve always referred to this as my fun website . . . So, it’s about time I revamp it a bit and make it more fun for all of you.

    If you find this website looking a bit strange for awhile . . . you’ll know we’re under construction . . . But no way am I going to shut it down . . . You get to see every phase of this revamping transition.

    It will take me some time to get featured images on all 500 plus posts . . . so please be patient with me . . .

    I just hope once I get it all together . . . I don’t change my mind and want to put it back . . . 

    I have used this theme with a couple of my other websites . . . but they didn’t work as well as I think it will for TwoCansOnAString . . .

    This may help me get better organized and give you more variety than what I’ve been offering . . .

    I’ve been a bit bored — not a good thing . . . for you especially . . . So . . . hold on . . . there are changes afoot!!

    I may not get to it right away . . . but thought I should let you know what I’m thinking . . .

    The content will remain the same . . . nothing is going away . . . This is an opportunity for me to see what’s here — it has been quite some time . . .

    I think I may want to do more recipes . . . and other things of interest.

    One problem I had in the past was having too many websites . . . Now I have three!! This is much better for me. I think I can stay focused on my blogging and not getting too bogged down . . . And with a new website look . . . I’ll probably get a bit more excited about adding more content and giving a bit more variety . . . 

    For me, it’s all about having fun and enjoying what I’m doing!

    Yet . . . this revamping doesn’t feel like fun right now . . . Hang in there with me . . . I’ll let you know when we’re having fun!!

    Thanks for staying with me!


    Old Time Radio Programs

    There’s a radio program that runs these old time radio programs . . . I find them amusing and thought I’d look around for some I could purchase.

    Here’s what I found:

    I do enjoy the spine tingling . . .

    It may be time for comedy . . .

    I am also curious about books on these old time radio programs . . .

    I could probably go on and on . . . but I’ll give you a chance to shop.

    There may be some collections of old television programs . . . but for me that may be at a later time. I do love listening to the old radio programs. At one time on Christmas Eve and carried over to Christmas Day a radio station would play old radio programs.

    We found them amusing . . . and I thought I might like to have a collection to listen to just for the fun of it!

    I do hope you enjoyed this post and will explore the possibilities of old radio broadcasts . . .

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    It’s Friday the 13th!!

    Wow!! Friday the 13th!! I’m sure you know where I’m going with this . . .

    Last night was quite windy here. I had some strange thoughts . . . and then I realized the date!!

    I’ve been watching YouTube Videos about haunted places and abandoned places — they were quite creepy and sometimes disappointing . . . So I usually turn to Amazon, I love their Prime Videos.

    And, if I’m too late for you to get these, maybe a nice book or two would be to your liking:

    With your Kindle, you can get your titles instantly. This is so cool!!

    Or maybe you would prefer something lighter and a bit more fun for your Friday the 13th entertainment:

    Well . . . that’s still creepy . . . I wonder what would work. Perhaps click one of the links above and your personal shopping of movies and Kindle Books. I’m sure you will find something of interest.

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    Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Brewer and Full Pot Coffee Maker, 2-Way

    There are times when you want to brew one cup of coffee and times when you want to brew a whole pot of coffee and you can definitely do it with this Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee Maker.

    Over the years, when thinking about coffee, fresh is always better. 

    You may think you want a couple of cups of coffee in the morning, but end up drinking just one. So, I believe this Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker is an excellent deal — you make coffee one cup at a time. There’s no waste and no guilt.

    I’m not the only one who wants fresh coffee . . . even if I have to wait for it.

    The great features of this coffee marker are:

    • Two ways to brew your coffee, single serve or full pot.
    • 12 cup glass carafe included or brew into a travel or regular sized mug using single serve function.
    • Uses ground coffee, unique scoop measures and filters ground coffee for the perfect cup every time.
    • Brew strength function for bold or regular coffee and fully programmable with auto shutoff.
    • Brews up to 14 ounces in travel mug (not-included) or adjusts to fit a shorter cup.

    This is truly a winner in coffee makers as far as I’m concerned.

    I have the ability to make a full pot when I have guests and can make coffee as I enjoy it . . . one cup at a time.

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    It’s strange with selecting images, they’re either too small or too large . . . but I wanted you to be able to see these mugs. Sorry about that.

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