Whispered Message

    We’ve all shared whispered thoughts, but have you heard a whispered warning and no one was around?

    When I was in high school, I was waiting in the car while a friend was knocking on the door of another friend. We were going to the homecoming football game.

    I heard someone whisper, get out, now.

    It was a suggestion, not a command.

    I opened the car door, got out, closed the door and walked toward the front of the car, but a few feet away.

    I heard a loud “crack,” then a “crash” as the limb of the tree fell on the car, crushing the roof, breaking out the windshield and the passenger side window and crushing the passenger door.

    Without a doubt, I would have been killed.

    Since the wind is blowing outside, I thought I’d share with you a few “whisper” stories you may enjoy — maybe you have one of your own you’d like to share with us in the comments below — or send to us: admin@twocansonastring.com

    Sarah received such a warning when she was out walking her dog.

    When Sarah was twelve years old, she lived with her parents in a new housing track where new construction was actively taking place. All the workers had gone for the day and she and her dog, Henry, liked exploring the development. Occasionally, she would take a wagon on her walk to pick up wood scraps for their fireplace.

    Sarah and Henry walked a couple of blocks away. It was now time for them to return home before dark.

    On this particular day, Sarah was collecting wood scraps. The wagon was full, overflowing full. Henry was pulling at his leash, but Sarah had to walk slowly with her wagon.

    They stopping for the few cars that were passing by before crossing the street.

    Sarah heard, “Wait. A strange car without headlights is coming.”

    She backed up her wagon into the driveway of the unoccupied house.

    A car without headlights appeared, stopped at the curb, the passenger door and a man shouted, “Come here!”

    Sarah left her wagon and she and Henry ran for help. They ran toward a porch light. Sarah breathlessly rang the doorbell and cried out, “Help!”

    The door was opened. She just pointed at the car at the curb. The husband and wife who answered the door, immediately went into action. The man walked towards the car at the curb yelling at the man inside. He told him in no uncertain terms to get out. The man’s wife wrote down the license plate number and called the police.

    Sarah never told anyone about the “warning” she heard, but she was grateful for it.

    The police apprehended the man in his car a few blocks away just as he was grabbing a young girl and pulling her into his car.

    Sarah’s warning helped two potential victims that late afternoon/early evening.

    Residual Haunting, Perhaps.

    I find this story interesting because of the possible historical implications.

    Leslie was visiting her cousins one summer. She knew their house was haunted, but nothing scary ever happened to her there.

    Her aunt set a mattress on the floor in the living room for Leslie and her sister to sleep on.

    She felt warm and kicked off the covers. She tried to get back to sleep, but decided to get a glass of water. As she approached the kitchen, she heard a man say, “They can’t hide here.”  Then a woman answered, “They’re here and they’re staying.”

    The kitchen light was off and neither voice sounded like her aunt or uncle.

    She slowly backed away. She felt suddenly cold and wanted to get back to bed.

    What really scared her was when the man said, “She heard us.”

    She heard footsteps behind her and felt breathing down her neck.

    Leslie’s screams awoke the whole household.

    She learned that the house was part of the underground railway system for negro slaves who were seeking freedom. In the morning, her aunt showed her where the tunnel was blocked off, but she believed the house was still active with the spirits of those who lived there previously and those who passed through.

    Whispers Coming From The Vents In The Condo.

    Jon and Betty were hearing whispering voices from the vents in their condo. They became a little paranoid thinking that if they could hear others, others could hear them.

    Jon went to talk to the on-site realtor and voice his concerns. He was basically told he was imagining things, because the vents were not connected to any of the other condos. Plus, each one was specifically built for privacy with sound proofing between all common walls ceiling and flooring.

    The annoying thing was that neither Jon nor Betty could understand what was being said or if the whispers were male or female.

    One evening, while watching a television program, Jon heard tapping on the vent. He muted the television and listened. There was a pattern. Three tap, tap, taps in quick progression. Then tap, pause, tap, pause, tap, pause. Followed by tap, tap, tap. Then the pattern repeated. He knew it was the universal code for “Help.”

    Jon immediately called the association to have someone come immediately to check out the problem he was experiencing.

    Albert, the man who answered Jon’s call walked in.

    “I don’t hear anything,” he said curtly and turned around for the door.

    Then he heard the tapping. A flush came to his face and beads of sweat formed on his forehead and upper lip. He ran out of the condo.

    Jon found him outside, leaning on a lamp post, muttering to himself. “It’s impossible. Impossible.”

    Albert placed a call on his cell phone. Jon couldn’t hear what was being said, but Albert was gesturing wilding with his free hand. “Get over here, now!”

    Upon seeing Jon, Albert straightened himself up and said, “I’ve called an exterminator, it could be a rodent in the vent. Is there a place you and your wife can stay for a few days?”

    Jon knew Albert wasn’t being straight with him and had no intention of vacating his home.

    As it turned out, Albert, “the exterminator ” and another man were all partners in financing the building of the condo complex. The other man was causing problems for Albert and his friend and found himself pushed down an open shaft and left for dead. It is unknown if the man died immediately or if he tried in vain to be rescued.

    Eventually, he did die and the whispering and tapping was his way of getting attention in his afterlife of what had happened to him.

    The remains of the unfortunate partner were recovered from the vent and Albert and “the exterminator” were sentenced for their crime.

    As for Jon and Betty, they sold the condo and moved out of state to settle into a lovely house by a lake.

    Whispered messages could be a blessing.

    I hope you enjoyed these Real Ghost Stories.

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    My House Is Haunted

    That’s right!!

    It’s not something I like to admit . . . some of you may think I’m nutz!!

    I may be . . . but I know what I know . . . and something strange is going on in my house!!

    I have an antique music box . . . one of those with the metal disks.

    It has been in our family for as long as I can remember . . . but it was previously owned by my great-aunt . . . who would always go to estate sales looking for bargains . . .

    And along with some of her bargains she may have picked up a spirit or two and then passed it on to us . . .

    So . . . this antique music box may have had several previous owners . . . 

    A psychic friend of mine told me this music box was once owned by a man with a little girl and a very ill wife.

    The little girl wanted to play the music box, but it only had one volume — LOUD!!

    Since the little girl’s mother was ill, she wanted to play the music box for her, but her father told her not to play it while her mother was sleeping.

    To be honest with you, I was all right with the little girl and her father’s spirits hanging out with the music box. It was no big deal to me.

    But the other day . . .  

    after bringing in my groceries from the car . . . and while in the kitchen putting them away  . . . quite a distance from the music box . . .

    It started playing . . . not too loud, perhaps because the lid was down . . . and it played for a good 30 seconds to a full minute.

    I was startled!!

    In the past there have been random notes . . . but nothing like this!

    I thought maybe the little girl turned it on . . . or my great-aunt did . . .  but why?

    And why didn’t it play longer?

    Maybe the little girl’s father turned it off . . . Residual Energy . . .  But why now . . . and not before?

    Well . . . this kind of thinking and analyzing and wondering can make one nutz!!

    It was just one of those paranormal experiences . . .

    There are some creepy things out there . . . hopefully my music box isn’t one of them . . .

    Have you had a paranormal experience you’d like to share? Please leave me a comment below.

    And, if you know why my music box played “out of the blue”, please let me know by leaving a comment below. I’m still a bit creeped out by it.

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    Are You Followed By A Ghost?

    Some people seem to be plagued by a ghost that follows them around for years.

    Why is this?

    I usually think it could be a relative, but I’ve found it has more to do with the positive or negative energy one gives off that attracts spirits to them.

    I feel very fortunate to have family spirits around me. I also have some who just like my energy and stop by from time to time to see what’s going on. They’ll play with the lights by turning them on and off, just to let me know they are there.  Sometimes a door will open and close. Nothing creepy or weird about it, at least not in my house.

    Linda had the spirit of her best friend’s father visiting her regularly.

    “My friend, Susan, and I were inseparable growing up. When her father died suddenly from a ruptured brain aneurysm he would visit in spirit form regularly at my house.”

    Susan lived with her mother, but she didn’t have the same experiences at home as she did at Linda’s house.

    Linda’s parents didn’t like the lights, television, computers, microwave, etc. turning on and off at odd hours of the day and night. They consults ghost hunters to assist them in solving their problem.

    Yes, it was Susan’s father. They never did figure out why he would be at their house rather than their own.

    Linda’s family moved several times, but Susan’s father followed them each time.

    When Linda’s father got a promotion to move to another state, he thought this would sever the tie, his daughter had with Susan and her father, but it didn’t.

    They consulted a psychic to find out what was going on with Linda’s connection to Susan’s father.

    All the polite things were discussed between the psychic and Susan’s father. After that was exhausted and the psychic pressed him for an explanation, he admitted he was in love with Linda’s mother.

    This didn’t set well with Linda’s parents. They were both kind to Susan and her father, but Linda’s mother never encouraged him in any way.

    The psychic encouraged him to move on and leave Linda and her parents alone.

    This worked out well for many years, until Linda went to college. There he was again, messing with electronic devices.

    Linda lost touch with Susan after they moved out-of-state and found out her father’s love for Linda’s mother.

    It seemed he continued to play out his fantasy of Linda, not Susan being his daughter. It may have been the confusion from his brain aneurysm.

    Linda wanted to be kind to the confused ghost, but she also didn’t want to encourage him. She consulted a psychic to get him to move on. This worked for several years until she was expecting her first child.

    Linda was afraid that Susan’s father’s spirit would go into her unborn child.

    Linda’s husband thought she was crazy, but went along with his wife’s wishes. They had the house blessed and the unborn child blessed. Linda wanted to have a barrier between her family and that of Susan’s father’s spirit.

    The birth of Linda’s son, was a spiritual experience.

    Priests were present as was a psychic and family members. They were to be a barrier against Susan’s father’s spirit and Linda’s son.

    Linda’s fears were proved accurate when the lights flickered in the delivery room. Doors rattled. The prayer group held fast to their task of keeping the unwanted spirit at bay. Many were pushed, hit and kicked, but they continued praying.

    When they heard Linda’s son crying, they didn’t stop praying.

    “My mother and father heard a loud pop, so did the psychic,” Linda said. “Then they saw a white light that almost blinded them. As they squinted, they saw the silhouette of a man walk into the light.”

    Susan’s father finally gave up and went into the light.

    Linda and her new family have had no paranormal experiences in their home. She is now the proud mother of three healthy sons.

    It’s always nice to have a happy ending to a paranormal experience and it’s fortunate for Linda that it didn’t pass on to another generation.

    Well … that was interesting,

    What do you think? Please leave me a comment below.

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    Cemetery Scare

    Karen couldn’t shake the desire to visit the cemetery.

    She had no relatives buried there.

    A few years ago she had a bad breakup and instead of going home to an empty house would go to the cemetery after work. She would walk among the headstones thinking about her life and the changes she had to make. She realized Kyle wasn’t the best boyfriend and since meeting him, she broke ties with friends . . . she now had some serious mending to do.

    So, the cemetery was a quiet place for her to go and think.

    Karen hadn’t been back for years . . . Why the sudden desire to visit?

    She made dinner plans with a woman from work, Beth, who was grieving the loss of her husband.

    Karen thought if she made plans for after work, then this crazy notion of going to the cemetery would stop weighing on her mind.

    Beth walked in Karen’s office, “Hey, would you mind stopping at the cemetery with me before dinner? I want to place some flowers on his grave.”

    Karen couldn’t believe it!! The cemetery!! Why on earth . . .

    “Wouldn’t you rather go alone? I can meet you at the restaurant.”

    “Oh! All right. I thought you liked going to the cemetery to clear your head.”

    “I did when Kyle and I broke up . . . Beth, just this morning I felt this ‘pull’ to go to the cemetery . . . I know it sounds crazy, but I’m afraid to go . . . ”

    “That’s strange. My daughter and I usually go on Sunday after church, but I felt a ‘pull’ to go today after work. Something strange is going on.”

    Karen nodded.

    “Well . . . aren’t you curious?”

    “More afraid than curious.”

    Karen called a psychic friend of hers. She needed answers.

    Rachel, the psychic, listened to Karen’s concerns and began spreading out her Tarot cards.

    “I see danger. Where were you when you started feeling pulled to visit the cemetery?”

    “In the break room.”

    “And where was your friend, Beth, when she felt pulled to put flowers on her husband’s grave?”

    “I don’t know. Let me check.” She put Rachel on hold and called Beth.

    “She was in the break room.”

    “I’ll meet you after work in your office and ask Beth to join us.”

    Karen and Beth were on needles and pins the rest of the work day.

    They didn’t dare go into the break room. They sensed that Rachel sensed something sinister in there. They tried to figure out what was different from the previous day . . . Did someone bring something in?

    They no longer pondered the possibility when Hank came in with a relic . . .

    “I’ve been looking high and low for my good luck charm I got from one of my professors when I graduated from college. My day was going nowhere. I had cancelled appointments and a couple of clients quit and told me they were going elsewhere. I retraced my steps . . . ”

    Karen stopped listening . . . Hank must have dropped it in the break room.

    But how could Hank’s good luck charm be giving out messages to both Karen and Beth?

    Rachel arrived while Hank was still rambling on about his good luck charm and his run of bad luck since losing it.

    “Hank, why do you think this is a good luck charm?”

    “It gives me hunches . . . ever since I received it. First, it was to apply here for a job. Then finding my wife. Do you believe it, she was eating lunch in the park, just like I planned to do . . .”

    “Have these hunches always been right?” asked Rachel.

    “Yes . . . ” Then he paused. “Come to think of it last winter I felt a strong desire to go to the cemetery and then strange things happened. It was freezing cold and I just wanted to lay down on the grave of my professor and die. I almost did, but I had this . . . guy help me to my car . . . once I got warm I drove home. I never told anyone what happened . . . not even my wife.”

    “We can cleanse this . . . or you can return it to your deceased professor . . .”

    Hank didn’t wait for any other suggestions . . . “I’m going to the cemetery and returning it!!”

    “Wait!!!” Rachel, Karen and Beth yelled simultaneously.

    Rachel got to work. She cleansed the amulet, put a protective shield around Hank, Karen, Beth and herself. Then they left the office and went to the cemetery.

    Rachel saw the apparition of the professor.

    “What do you want?” Rachel asked.

    “I want Hank to know he doesn’t need a good luck charm. He has what it takes.”

    “But why lure Karen and Beth into this?”

    “And what about my cancelled appointments and the lost clients . . . and almost freezing to death last winter?” Hank wanted to know.

    The professor admitted there was a downside to the amulet and it was time to get rid of it, but not give it to someone else. Since it was cleansed, it may do no more harm, but it was time to let go of it. So Hank buried it on the professors grave.

    Then Karen started to laugh.

    “Here I am at the cemetery . . . the absolute last place I wanted to be today.”

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